What is Fresh Food?

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What is Fresh Food Logistics Fair?

Fresh Food Logistics Fair, is the new exhibition platform for the fresh food logistics, transport and cold chain management sector.

The only hyper-specialised, professional trade event in the European Union that will bring together all the stakeholders in the cold food chain under the same roof, from storage at the point of origin to logistics and transport to cold solutions for retail, last mile delivery and e-commerce.

To take advantage of international synergies and potential, the next trade fair will be held in coincidence with Fruit Attraction, the international trade show for Fruit and Vegetable Industry, that will be held online from 5th to 7th October.

Fresh Food Logistics has its own space in Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect with qualified sectorial content focus on the sector    

A new platform with everything needed to generate and promote new opportunities for professionals from all over the world to buy, sell and build sales teams’ networks of contacts in participating companies. It provides comprehensive information about suppliers, products and news about sector and has tools for making video calls and doing eB2B in the same platform itself. There is a chat-live system and users can receive contact recommendations thanks to the artificial intelligence system and organise meetings and demonstrations with exhibiting companies and host videos and technical documentation about products and services.


Fresh Food Logistics Fair will be complemented by a significant number of dedicated technical conferences, seminars and congress with interested and relevant topics for the whole cold chain in the Food Industry.

Exhibitors Profile

  • Climate control solutions and preservation and storage facilities
  • Climate controlled, isothermal and refrigerated containers
  • Fresh food processing, handling and packaging systems
  • Services & logistics operators (with cold supply chain for the food industry)
  • Temperature control systems for cold chain transport
  • Refrigerated transport and cold chain equipment
  • Cold technologies & automation
  • Quality control equipment and Systems
  • Cold and chilled facilities and temperature control equipment for Retail
  • Transport solutions for food-delivery and food e-commerce

Attendee profile

  • Producers and cooperatives from the fresh food sector (fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, dairy, etc.)
  • Food industry: logistics, quality, purchasing, production, packaging, etc.
  • Refrigerated storage and transport professionals
  • Fresh food wholesalers and traders
  • Import/Export fresh food traders
  • Retailers, supermarkets, convenience stores
  • Horeca
  • Hotel, restaurant, catering
  • Food Service Supply chains
  • Fresh e-commerce Fresh e-commerce
  • Inflight meals/railway catering