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24 January 2024

The FITUR LGTB+ section opens with the presentation of the Spanish Network of Destinations for Diversity

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The section was opened by Jordi Hereu, Minister of Industry and Tourism of the Spanish Government, together with institutional representatives from the Community of Madrid, Madrid City Council and Turespaña

Gran Canaria has received the FITUR LGTB+ award for its firm commitment to inclusive and diverse tourism.

In a record year for Spanish tourism, destinations and options that advocate plurality are gaining momentum and contribute to the success of the sector in Spain. This was stated by Miguel Sanz, Director General of the Spanish Tourism Institute, who was present at the opening of the FITUR LGTB+ space at IFEMA MADRID. During the presentation, different authorities and industry professionals praised the weight of diverse and inclusive tourism for the development of a sector committed to society. La Red Española de Destinos por la Diversidad (The Spanish Network of Destinations for Diversity), promoted by JN Global Project, is the initiative presented at the official opening of the section and which underlines the conferences being held within the framework of FITUR.

Miguel Sanz explained that Turespaña wants to help this very specific segment "from the promotional viewpoint - by convincing the LGTB+ community that Spain is their ideal holiday destination, and also, from the perspective of reinforcing the brand Spain as an example as a free country for all". In addition, he confirmed that Spain has one of the most advanced legislations on these matters, which generates numerous opportunities for businesses in the industry.

Héctor Coronel, Director of Tourism at Madrid City Council, explained that tourist destinations have a great responsibility in all social spheres and, in this sense, "the Spanish capital is characterised by being inclusive and friendly, so that we can serve as a model for the rest". In this way, he confirms that the Madrid City Council "will continue to support the commitment of participating in the project to contribute to Madrid continuing to be a leader, not only in economic terms, but also in social terms and in terms of values".

Mariano de Paco, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Community of Madrid, also emphasised that Madrid is one of the most open, tolerant and inclusive destinations in the world. He explains that, according to a specialised report, "the city of Madrid is the second LGTBI destination in Europe, demonstrated through the traveller satisfaction index of 55 million reviews". In addition, the councillor announced the celebration of Pride Week starting the week of 28 June, which is one of the most important international events for the LGTB+ community.

For his part, Jordi Hereu, Minister of Industry and Tourism of the Spanish Government, emphasised the respect and equality "of a tolerant country that believes in equality, dignity and diversity". He stresses that being able to promote tourism based on diversity is because it underpins the values of a country that is tolerant "because our values run deep, we have little difficulty sharing them with the rest of the world". The minister also highlighted the necessity for the FITUR LGTB+ conferences at FITUR.

Gran Canaria, FITUR LGTB+ Award

Gran Canaria has received recognition from the LGTB+ edition of FITUR for being a benchmark that welcomes the entire community. Carlos Álamo, Councillor for Tourism of Gran Canaria collected the award and confirmed that "Canarian society is very accustomed to working with the LGTB+ community and thanks to our efforts we have managed to become one of Europe’s leading tourist destinations in terms of diversity.

Torremolinos, candidate to host Europride 2027

The FITUR section also presented the Torremolinos candidacy to host Europride 2027. The Mayoress of Torremolinos, Margarita Cid, highlights that it is a destination "that contributes to generating wealth throughout the year".  She also reaffirms the feelings of her city with regard to the LGTB community. Cid also highlighted that the Junta de Andalucía has approved the Pride of Torremolinos as an event of regional touristic interest, a unique and motivating recognition in all Andalusia with which it reaffirms its interest in the city hosting one of the most important events for the LGTBI+ community.

The FITUR LGTB+ section continues at the International Tourism Trade Fair with a programme that seeks to share knowledge for the development of tourism that connects with diversity during the professional days and the weekend for t