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30 October 2023

FITUR Cruises 2024 reaffirms its commitment to the cruise holiday industry

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The FITUR section will carry out numerous activities throughout the International Tourism Trade Fair’s five-day event, organised by IFEMA MADRID, which will be held from 24 to 28 January.

FITUR Cruises will also feature Cruise Market, Cruise Campus, a big passenger meetup and the Cruceroadicto Awards gala.

Fitur Cruises 2024, the section of the International Tourism Trade Fair organised by IFEMA MADRID that will be held from 24 to 28 January, reaffirms its commitment to the cruise holiday industry by growing bigger than ever. This new edition will be held over the five days of FITUR. It will be held in a new stand space located in Hall 4, where booths, an auditorium and a VIP lounge will be set up for different activities.

FITUR Cruises aims to contribute to the commercial dynamisation of cruises, as well as to reinforce this industry's sustainability image. It also seeks to offer a meeting point for ports, tourist destinations, cruise lines and passengers, and to contribute to a better understanding of the cruise tourism experience with the help of travel agents who facilitate the sale and passengers who are not yet familiar with this type of tourism, as well as expanding options for veteran passengers. Finally, it aims to reinforce cruise passengers’ loyalty to this type of tourism, creating a sense of belonging to a special community of travellers.

In the B2C sphere, the weekend's activities will present FITUR Cruises visitors with all the attractions and special features this type of travel has to offer. The programme will showcase the vast array of cruise experiences both on land and the possibilities that await on board the ship. There will also be stand space dedicated to veteran cruise passengers, where they’ll be able to discover proposals and novelties that will give them more options to choose from in this type of tourism.

Cruise Market and Cruise Campus

FITUR Cruises will also have a Cruise Market area, a stand space with different stands for cruise lines, institutions, ports and agencies, where they can interact with visitors and provide information to passengers and agents. The stand space, which resembles the decks of a ship, will allow visitors to make contacts, do business or simply enjoy the seafaring atmosphere at FITUR.

The 2024 edition will also feature a new challenge for visitors: to complete their "cruise boarding pass" with the stamps available at each stand, which will give them the chance to participate in draws for different prizes. In addition, different professional networking events will be held over these five days, as well as gatherings for cruise passengers.

Another highlight will be Cruise Campus, an innovative system of mini courses distilled into 25-minute sessions that deal with a single aspect or topic related to the cruise experience. Presented in a practical way, experts in different fields from the world of marketing, communication and professional passengers will address all angles of the cruise experience, from how to choose the right ship for each type of passenger to how to pack a suitcase for an itinerary through Alaska.

The popular “Cruise Scavenger Hunt” will be held for the third time in this edition, a thrilling scavenger hunt game for cruise passengers, where teams of one or two must locate and visit a series of cruise stopovers by solving clues throughout the halls at FITUR.

Big passenger meetup and the world's top-rated options

Café & Cruises will be another new feature, an informal meetup for veteran cruise passengers as well as those who are new to the world of cruises and are planning their first trip.

Likewise, FITUR Cruises will host a big meetup for cruise-lovers on the days dedicated to the general public. It’s a place to become acquainted with, learn and share all the details of the cruise experience thanks to the real protagonists, the passengers.

In addition, during the professional days of FITUR Cruises, the winners of the second edition of the Cruceroadicto Awards will be announced, which will reveal the best ship, best cruise line and best port of the year 2023 chosen by cruise passengers through a massive international vote.

Magic abounds on the high seas

FITUR Cruises will have different stands of cruise lines and destinations, and the star will undoubtedly be a large stand space dedicated to a company that prides itself on bringing a magical experience to the sea. More details about the exhibitors and unique events at FITUR Cruises, the FITUR stand space that will turn Madrid into a real cruise port, coming soon.