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02 October 2023

Ecuador presents itself to the world as the FITUR 2024 Partner Country

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The Minister of Tourism of Ecuador, Niels Olsen, has confirmed the wide range of activities being prepared for the International Tourism Fair, which will be a unique opportunity to show the world all the wonders that the country has to offer.

The connection between Spain and Ecuador remains strong, with almost 75,000 visitors per year up to 2023

Ecuador presented an attractive proposal this morning as a 'FITUR 2024 Partner Country’ at the International Tourism Trade Fair to be held from 24 to 28 January at the fairgrounds, organised by IFEMA MADRID.

Ecuador's Minister of Tourism, Niels Olsen, said that "FITUR 2024 is a unique opportunity to show the world all the wonders that Ecuador has to offer." He remarked that "our commitment is to the Ecuadorian families who make a living off of tourism, to our natural and cultural wealth and, of course, to our visitors." 

For his part, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of IFEMA MADRID, Jose Vicente de los Mozos, highlighted "the importance of this strategic alliance to promote, present and consolidate the destination of Ecuador in what will be one of the most powerful and representative editions of FITUR." 

 The presence of Ecuador as a 'FITUR 2024 Partner Country' gives an important boost to the promotion and positioning of Ecuador as a tourism destination worldwide, thanks to the scope and influence of FITUR, currently positioned as the leading tourism fair on the international circuit, both in terms of participation and attendance by professionals from across all continents.  All this will further strengthen the stellar figures of the tourism industry, which is vital for Ecuador, with sales in tourism activities exceeding USD 3.34 billion by July 2023, and which more than 600,000 families depend on.

Gateway to Spain

As the global tourism industry looks to the future, Ecuador takes centre stage as the FITUR 2024 Partner Country, showcasing a tourism offering that’s rich in geographical and cultural diversity, including strong air connectivity with Spain. This connectivity isn’t new; from colonial times to the present, the relationship between Spain and Ecuador has been marked by ties of brotherhood, mutual influence and deep understanding. Over the centuries, these two countries have not only shared a language and cultural traditions, but also histories of migration, collaboration and joint growth.

The Spanish presence in Ecuador has left indelible traces in its architecture, gastronomy and art, while Ecuador has offered Spain its music, literature and indomitable spirit. In the field of tourism, this relationship is further strengthened: "Spanish travellers find a home away from home in Ecuador, a familiar place that’s full of diversity and warmth, and Ecuador sees a gateway and a life-long friend in every Spanish tourist. This transatlantic tie is a testament to a relationship that has flourished over time and promises to continue to grow in the future," the Ecuadorian government says.

Today, connectivity between Spain and Ecuador has been strengthened thanks to more than 11 direct weekly flights operated by renowned airlines such as Iberia, Air Europa and LATAM, facilitating tourist and cultural exchange between the two nations.

Unrivalled experience

From the high mountains of the Andes to the biodiversity of the Amazon, the sunny beaches of the Coast and the natural heritage of the Galapagos, Ecuador offers an unparalleled experience for the traveller. And Spanish tourists have taken note: the connection between the two countries remains strong, with almost 75,000 visitors a year up to 2023. Ecuador offers tourists from all over the world Four Unique Worlds to explore:

-MOUNTAINS: The cities of Quito and Cuenca, recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, top the list in the Andean region. However, the Mountains offer so much more: from the impressive Avenue of the Volcanoes to colonial haciendas that tell stories of the past and vibrant indigenous markets, it’s a region of contrasts and traditions.

-AMAZONIA: Beyond being the planet's lungs, the Ecuadorian Amazon is home to national parks such as Yasuní and Cuyabeno, and indigenous communities such as the Waorani and Shuar. It’s a deep journey into the roots of nature and ancestral cultures, making up more than 43% of the national continental territory.

-COAST: More than 1,600 km of golden beaches and mangroves are complemented by the country's greatest variety of cuisines. The coast is a feast of flavours, colours and sounds, from the modern stylings of Guayaquil to absolutely delicious spots such as the new RUTA ICHE. Finally, the Ecuadorian coast has become a paradise for adventure sports and activities such as surfing, kayaking, paragliding and many more.

-GALÁPAGOS: With 97% of its territory protected and an abundance of endemic species, the Galápagos are a living testimony to Ecuador's evolution and commitment to ecotourism and sustainability. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s home to more than 9,000 species, 32% of which are endemic. The Galápagos exemplify Ecuador's commitment to sustainable tourism and conservation.

Finally, Ecuador is one of the highlights of UNWTO's "Best Tourism Villages" programme with its crowning jewels, Angochagua and Aguarico. Angochagua, part of the Imbabura Global Geopark, invites visitors to immerse themselves in its rich tradition, from handcrafted products to the "Ruta del Borrego Asado". Meanwhile, Aguarico, located in the heart of protected areas such as the Yasuní National Park, is a testament to the indigenous Kichwa and Waorani cultures and their commitment to sustainable, community-based tourism. These recognitions strengthen Ecuador's position as a leader in responsible and sustainable tourism.

The ECUADOR FITUR 2024 Partner brand will be included in all the International Tourism Trade Fair’s promotional activities on a national and international scale, as well as in all the fair's communications across its different channels leading up to the big event, enjoying the chance to take centre stage.