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26 January 2024

FITUR 2024 announces the winners of the Best Stands and Sustainable Stand Awards

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Paradores, Mastercard and Costa Cálida, winners of the fifth edition of the sustainable stand awards for responsible participation

The International Tourism Trade Fair, organised by IFEMA MADRID from 24 to 28 January, has presented the 5th Sustainable Stand Awards to the Paradores, Master and Costa Cálida spaces, an award that acknowledges the responsible participation in the Fair and the commitment of its participants to achieve an environmentally friendly tourism industry.

In addition, the third day of FITUR also saw the presentation of the Best Stand Awards for aesthetics and staging. In the category of autonomous communities, the awards went to Andalusia, Galicia and Madrid; Ecuador, Ghana and Morocco in international countries; and, in companies, to Paradores, Neobookings and Vueling.

Winners of the 5th FITUR 2024 Sustainable Stand Awards

Sustainability is the backbone of FITUR. Thus, in order to recognise the efforts of the tourist destinations and exhibiting companies that take part in the largest international tourism event, FITUR announces the Sustainable Stand Awards. On this occasion, the winners were Paradores, Master Card and Costa Cálida (Murcia) for having the proposals most closely aligned with the SDGs.

Andalusia, Galicia and Madrid, best autonomous community stands

Andalusia achieves this acknowledgement with a new and amplified version of the Andalusian patio. The space, which shows the essence of the Andalusian Crush advertising campaign, stands out for the impressive contrast between dark colours and luminous panels with different messages, the large sculptures and a striking congregation of all its provinces.

Galicia shows a proposal at FITUR in which water is the common thread of the space. The white stand, tinged with different shades of blue, uses this liquid to guide visitors to the different destinations and tourist attractions in the community.

The Madrid stand stands out for its imposing structure under luminous lights. In addition, visitors to this space can observe large windows that look at each other and they can take part interactively in these window-to-window dialogues, generating a unique and enriching experience.

Ecuador, Ghana and Morocco, best stands from international countries

Ecuador's stand uses a neutral design with minimalist touches to frame its colourful and textured landscapes. The space reproduces vernacular architecture alongside live butterflies, imported roses and a tunnel of orchids.

The Ghana stand reproduces the main façade of the Larabanga Mosque as a backdrop for the information points in the space. As a highlight, Its aesthetics free of graphic excesses invites visitors to discover different photographs illustrating some of the points of interest that the country has to offer.

Morocco has deployed a stand in which art and Moroccan memory merge in a construction reminiscent of a small contemporary Arab palace with the colours of its flag as the basis of the chromatic range of the space. In addition, they display handicrafts, local products and their destinations on large screens.

Paradores, Neobookings and Vueling, best company stands

Through interesting architecture represented by non-existent columns, walls or ceilings, Paradores shows a stand made up almost entirely of light and with particular emphasis on the important gastronomic side of the company.

Neobookings takes a risk with a stand with a modern and innovative design. The lime green, almost fluorescent, of its branding stands out, combining with black in a play of light and futuristic textures achieved with very neat details such as the liquid panels and the curved backlit filaments.

Vueling's stand showcases innovation and design to tell the company's story and its commitment to sustainability without neglecting technology. The space raises a structure formed by the traced lines of all the flight paths that its aircraft have flown for the last 20 years when it was created. Visitors can find their way inside and access destination information by means of a large interactive semi-circular screen.