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26 July 2023

FITUR publishes the winning entry of the 24th FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera Tribune Award

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"Public Administration controls and inspections of tourist dwellings", a study by Pilar Juana García Saura, won the award for the best research project related to the tourism industry at the last edition of FITUR.

Entries for the 25th edition of the Award must be submitted by 15 December 2023. The winner will be announced at the next edition of FITUR 2023, which will be held from 24 to 28 January of next year and organised by IFEMA MADRID.

The winning work of the 24th FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera Tribune Award, which is awarded annually by FITUR in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism, AECIT, in recognition of academic research related to the tourism industry, has been published and is available on the International Tourism Trade Fair website. 

Entitled "Public Administration controls and inspections of tourist dwellings" a work by Pilar Juana García Saura, is an in-depth look at the system of administrative intervention in tourist dwellings, focusing on the cornerstone of the whole intervention system: the capacity to inspect new digital environments characterised by accommodation-sharing platforms.

The current major growth in tourist accommodation, driven by the appearance of online intermediary platforms, has led to problems related to regulation, legal security, competition, sustainability, urban planning, etc., and it is essential to define the responsibility of these platforms according to the role they play. For this reason, Tourism Law has been responding to the challenges posed by the growth of collaborative tourism.

On the other hand, the Autonomous Communities have been regulating tourist accommodation in such a way that the Public Administration has had to exercise its powers in an increasingly digitalised situation, which, together with the adoption of European regulations, has led it to abandon its traditional role. Verifying, supervising or inspecting compliance with binding provisions is now a pending issue for Public Administrations due to the entry into the market of digital platforms.

There is currently a real necessity for the Administrations to carry out verification, supervision and inspection activities (which will lead, where appropriate, to penalties) on tourist dwellings. According to the author of this work, it is essential for the Public Administration to carry out a rigorous control of this new reality due to the huge impact is has on our cities. To this end, exercising inspection powers in the digital environments provided by the platforms that market these shared accommodations is nowadays essential, as is the automated inspection activity carried out through web scraping or robot inspectors.

Download: "Public Administration controls and inspections of tourist dwellings"

Call for entries for the 2024 FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera Tribune Award

FITUR has also launched a call for entries for the 25th edition of this award on its website, which once again and in collaboration with AECIT, is aimed at the entire scientific community, with the objective of promoting, encouraging and publicising the best works in the field of tourism industry research and improving competitiveness through knowledge. Entries should be sent to before 15 December 2023 and the winning entry will be announced during FITUR 2024, which will be held from 24 to 28 January next year, at IFEMA MADRID.

A Technical-Scientific Committee, chosen by AECIT, will select up to four finalist works that will be presented at the technical conference organised by AECIT during FITUR. Entries submitted in previous editions will not be accepted. The work which is finally selected will receive the FITUR Jorge Vila Fradera Tribune Award, and it will be published in Spanish and disseminated among the academic community and the world of education & training.

Further information: 24 FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera Tribune Award Terms and Conditions