FITUR Talent

As part of its endeavour to offer the tourist industry new content and tools aimed at boosting its growth, premiered in its last edition, a new specialised section that will focus on people and their talents, skills and professional development.

At a time of extensive change, companies need people who are ready and able to interact with the new digital tourist (exacting, hyperconnected and omnichannel) and who have the knowhow to manage the new technologies that are making huge impacts on the business of tourism (such as big data and analytics, artificial intelligence, chatbots, blockchain and IoT).

And at these times - when machines can take care of the most routine tasks, leaving people to deal with higher level work - the preparation, recruitment and retention of this new talent will be essential to the future profitability and competitiveness of the global tourism industry.

What are we offering?

- A stage area for seminars, workshops and meetings which will analyse the perspectives and strategies of tourism businesses, talent recruitment and management companies and training centres.

Specialised areas

Fitur is a global benchmark event in the tourism sector. The great diversity and talent it brings together makes it possible for there to be totally specialised areas within it.