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FITUR, committed to providing the tourism industry with content and tools aimed at driving its growth, has been promoting a new monographic space focused on people, their talent, training, skills, and professional development since its 2020 edition.

In a sector characterized by constant evolution, such as tourism, companies need professionals equipped with the best and most comprehensive training. They require agile and prepared individuals capable of interacting with the new digital tourist (demanding, hyper-connected, and omnichannel) and possessing the necessary knowledge to manage the new technologies impacting the tourism business (artificial intelligence, big data & analytics, chatbots, blockchain, IoT, etc.).

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What does AI offer in talent management in the tourism sector?

The advent of Artificial Intelligence has brought about a true revolution in all economic sectors, including tourism. When applied to the field of Human Resources, this new tool undoubtedly brings numerous benefits. For example, it enables the optimization of candidate selection and hiring processes, improves employee experience, and provides data for talent retention and team loyalty. In the new edition of FITUR Talent, we will thoroughly analyze, with the help of renowned experts, the role that AI plays in the selection and management of human resources, as well as its opportunities, benefits, and challenges. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Specialisation at fitur is constantly developing, which helps to promote the different sectors that make the tourism landscape more diverse and sustainable.