Welcome to FITUR Talent

FITUR, in its vocation to offer the tourism industry content and tools aimed at boosting its growth, premiered a new monographic space at its 2020 edition focused on people and their talent, education, skills and professional training.

In an industry characterised by constant evolution, companies need professionals with the best and most complete training. These are people who are agile and prepared to interact with the new digital tourist (demanding, hyper-connected and omnichannel) and who have the necessary knowledge to manage the new technologies that are impacting the tourism business (big data & analytics, artificial intelligence, chatbots, blockchain, IoT, etc.).

What are we offering?

Have universities and training centres updated their content to meet this reality? What role will the new Dual Vocational Training play in this new scenario? What are the key issues that training managers need to consider in order to adapt to the demands of an industry where machines are progressively taking over more routine tasks and people are being employed in higher-value roles?

Are you in?


Specialised areas

Fitur is a global benchmark event in the tourism sector. The great diversity and talent it brings together makes it possible for there to be totally specialised areas within it.