A unique opportunity to capture new audiences

Speakers during a talk at Fitur Screen

FITUR Screen

Screen tourism is a powerful tool for destinations to promote features that make them distinctive and to increase their visibility.

The growing interest in visiting places that have been shooting locations for films and especially for large audience television series opens up an important opportunity for promoting destinations through the film industry. This is a growing trend worldwide and represents an important alternative for diversifying tourism provision and overcoming seasonality.

A study published by TCI Research revealed that 80 million travellers choose their destination based on films and television series. This study showed that the number of people visiting a destination after seeing it in a film or television series has doubled in the last five years.

What is Screen Tourism?

This is a new kind of tourism that is responding to change as new culture consumers shift their interest towards creative industries, especially the audio-visual arts.

In this context, FITUR provides an important platform for bringing the tourism and film industries together, one which has led to the dedicated FITUR Screen Tourism section in collaboration with the Spain Film Commission.

FITUR Screen has its own area which includes exhibition space for the different exhibitors, a B2B area, and a special area for the programme of talks.