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FITUR SCREEN, in collaboration with Spain Film Commission, takes on the challenge of helping to make Spain a global Audiovisual Hub. Its goal is to become a platform that connects the tourism and film industries by disseminating knowledge about film tourism, promoting commercial exchange between the different actors and formulating future proposals for the development of this sector in Spain.

A film or television shoot, in addition to its impact on the local economy, is a powerful tourism promotion tool that facilitates the positioning of the territories. 

FITUR SCREEN has its own space, which includes an exhibition area with the offer of several participating agents, a B2B area and an area for the conference programme.

What is Screen Tourism?

Film tourism is a powerful tourism promotion tool that territories have to highlight their differentiation and visibility.

The growing interest in visiting the places where films and especially series with large audiences have been filmed, opens an important opportunity, through the film industry, to promote the destinations. This is a phenomenon that is growing all over the world and represents an important alternative for diversifying the tourist offer and combating seasonality.

According to a study by TCI Research, 80 million travellers choose their destination based on films and television series. This study reveals that the number of travellers who visit a destination after seeing a film or series has doubled in the last 5 years.

In short, this is a new typology of tourism that responds to a shift in interest from new cultural consumers to the creative industries and in particular the audiovisual arts.


At the last edition of FITUR SCREEN, the Spain Film Commission distinguished Aitana Sánchez Gijón as its Honorary Ambassador. Her mission will be to spread the word about Spain's advantages in attracting international film shoots, as well as the potential and talent of Spanish audiovisual industry professionals.

Director of photography Javier Aguirresarobe was also honored for his extensive career and James Costos, former U.S. ambassador to Spain, received the distinction of Honorary Ambassador of the Spain Film Commission for his commitment to creating links between the Spanish and U.S. film industries.

A comprehensive programme of activities took place on January 22, 23 and 24, including the following technical sessions:

  • Screen Tourism, a new vector of sustainable and quality Tourism.
  • Branded content and tourist products. New forms of communication at the service of tourism
  • Screen Tourism products: Spain Passion, Hal_Elcano, and The Van of Music and Food
  • Are there physical limits to tourism? Scientific and space tourism
  • Audiovisual as a gateway to China
  • The production of video clips and musical pieces in the tourist promotion of destinations
  • The audiovisual at the service of nature tourism

The FITUR SCREEN stand became a set where attendees could live a real film experience, recreating scenes from a shoot. On the days open to the public, an escape room was created for "La casa de papel", a Spanish series which is an international success.

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