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FITUR Lingua section, the space that addresses the world of opportunities in language tourism, offers a comprehensive program of activities and highlights the growth and projection of the Spanish language and its ability to become an attractive tourist asset for dozens of potential markets.

It accommodates language tourism as a value proposition for Spain and opens a path to enhance the growth possibilities for operators, companies, and institutions operating in this field.

FITUR Lingua 2024, co-organized by FEDELE, the Federation of Spanish Schools as a Foreign Language, and FITUR, features a large number of activities in both the Federation's exhibition space and the spaces of regions and collaborators. Additionally, the program includes presentations, panel discussions, and interviews scheduled for Friday, January 26, starting at 10:30 in Pavilion 10.

We invite all collaborating entities, regions, and media to actively participate in FITUR Lingua 2024, contributing to the dialogue on the potential and opportunities of language tourism and its sustainable impact.

Fitur Lingua 2024 Streaming

Specialised areas

Specialisation at fitur is constantly developing, which helps to promote the different sectors that make the tourism landscape more diverse and sustainable.