The LGBT+ segment accounts for more than 10% of tourists worldwide and approximately 16% of total travel spending. That’s more than $195 billion a year in spending according to the World Travel & Tourism Council.

FITUR LGBT+, has celebrated its 11th anniversary with the slogan “Destinies for diversity” and has become a leading event in the field among the main international tourism fairs.

There is evidence of a growing demand for destinations, companies, hotel chains, airlines and tour operators who, with an increased awareness about inclusion, aim to focus on the LGBT segment, which has greater purchasing power as it has greater disposable income and is one of the least seasonal tourism segments.

What are we offering?

Stage, integrated in the exhibition area, for conferences, workshops and professional meetings, as well as presentations of participating destinations and companies, and an entertainment programme during the weekend.

Benefits of exhibiting at FITUR LGBT+

  • To promote companies and destinations.
  • To boost meetings and business between tourism professionals and touroperators.


Here you can find Fitur LGBT+ documentation that may be of interest to you.