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The cruise sector is a tourism segment which is heavily reliant on innovation, in the creation of new experiences for cruise passengers, in models for sustainability and in the strengthening of its competitiveness and profitability. This space is offered in collaboration with

The cruise industry contributes substantially to local and state economies around the world. Hard hit by the pandemic, cruises have embarked on a path to reactivation based on health safety. At the beginning of the year, CLIA estimates indicated an expected 100% recovery of activity by the summer.

Blue tourism” is a tourism segment that is highly committed to environmental sustainability, protecting destinations and positive impacts on their communities. Cruise passengers spend heavily in the destinations visited and often incorporate these places into their future travel routes, feeding back into the destination's tourism demand.

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FITUR Cruises 2024

Following the initiative launched at FITUR 2022, in which, under the name FITUR Cruises, a programme of informative and leisure activities aimed at the end customer was implemented with great success in terms of impact and attendance, FITUR Cruises 2023 will expand its scope of action to include the B2B sphere, in addition to B2C.
FITUR Cruises 2024 will be held over 5 days, from Wednesday, 24 January through Sunday, 28 January. It will take place in a space located in Hall 4, where stands and an auditorium will be set up to hold the different activities.

Fitur Cruises 2024 Streaming

Specialised areas

Specialisation at fitur is constantly developing, which helps to promote the different sectors that make the tourism landscape more diverse and sustainable.