IFEMA MADRID | Creating New Opportunities

IFEMA MADRID is already a reality

A brand that promotes creativity and talent, knowledge and experiences, which is capable of generating value and able to connect ideas and people.

IFEMA MADRID, an engine of growth and transformation.

We changed our brand as an expression of our ambition to drive our business into the future, to project our energy into all the companies, people and sectors that make up the fabric of professional relationships.


« Our goal is, in addition to maintaining and enhancing our values, to demonstrate our ability to generate impact today and in the future, creating ecosystems of value. »

Eduardo López-Puertas
General Manager, IFEMA MADRID

The pillars that support our brand



IFEMA MADRID is the expression of a brand that transcends, that impacts companies, communities and sectors. It is an engine of inspiration and innovation, a tangible source of growth and development. An icon of the vitality and strength required to build the future together.



IFEMA MADRID is the living representation of the ability to build and enrich relationships; to generate links and weave future projects. The expression of cohesion and knowledge; of the effort to meet the needs of its audiences, to respond to the evolution and change demanded by its sectors.



IFEMA MADRID is much more than a brand. It is the ambassador of Spain and Madrid to the world; of their vitality and their ambitious, mobilising and energetic character. It is a symbol of our ability to inspire, to spread, to generate value and to passionately conquer the future.



IFEMA MADRID is a creative, intelligent and inspiring brand. Promoter of talent, innovation; generator of projects of value for its public. Builder of experiences, ideas and great contributions and business innovations.

Enter the world of inspiration Enter the world of inspiration

We transform ourselves to continue transforming, to continue growing together, inspiring and connecting.

Graphical material available

The brand is the most representative element of IFEMA MADRID and must be used according to the correct parameters and rules of its use established in the identity manual. From here you can download the brand in its different formats and colours.

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