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XIV edition of ARCO-BEEP Electronic Art Prize Awarded at ARCOmadrid

The XIV edition of the BEEP Collection prize has been awarded to the piece The Wall of Gazes (2011) by the Argentinian artist Mariano exhibited at the Ruth Benzacar Gallery(Buenos Aires).

01 Mar 2019

The piece is a magnificent installation in resolution in video, utilizing a special software connected to a eye tracker device. Sardón investigates the mutations of the contemporary gaze. Each subject establishes a route with their vision generating lines and flashes that form faces that appear inside a situation of apparent disorder. In this visual labyrinth a countenance that seems to interrogate us is formed. In a time where we are subjected to a tsunami of data, practically void of the sedimentation of nucleuses of information, the work of Mariano Sardón proposes a resolution of collective visual itineraries in an epiphany of faces subjected to the dynamic of time.

This “wall of gazes” allows a dialogue with other pieces belonging to the BEEP Collection that also explore the conceptualization of “ways of looking”. If art is a strange combination of what we see and what sees us, in that case what challenges us is a face that has no intention of petrifying us like the Medusa, rather it incites us to look upon reality in different ways.


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