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Award of the XV edition of the ARCO-BEEP Electronic Art Prize in ARCOmadrid

The BEEP Electronic Art Collection has awarded the 2020 prize at the ArcoMadrid fair to the artist Joan Fontcuberta, for the artwork entiltled “Prosopagnosia”, exhibited at the gallery Angels Barcelona.

28 Feb 2020

The work is composed of a series of photographs of faces generated by algorithms in collaboration with Pilar Rosado. Fontcuberta is without doubt one of the most respected  photographers and theorists of the image of his generation with a magnificent career of national and international exhibition behind him. In his work he has proposed a lucid and lurid reflection on the state of the image, the mutations of photogrophy and what he has called a "fury of images".  Far from the referential, barthesian and auratic conception of photography, he has stressed that the image always has a fictional component. "Prosopagnosia" is a recent work that shows the complexity of contemporary faces, based on the cognitive situation that implies not being able to properly recognize the other. That sequence of faces, apparently fluid (mutating in the sequence of the video that reveals the process that is sedimented in the photographs) and even formless, leads to a kind of "robot portrait." The allegorical role of Luther Blisset comes to "certify" that we are facing a "disturbing story", a kind of artistic plot in which the truth does not emerge in the countenance but the faces challenge us and petrify, almost medically, so that we do not stop problematizing identity. Perhaps our time requires a different construction of the face that goes through the "algorithmic conduction", makes the awareness of the new modes of surveillance emerge, when the Lombard "huomo criminale" is, in a sense, anyone.