Good Governance

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Good governance

As a public consortium committed to our mission as generators of wealth for Madrid and providers of economic and commercial momentum within the sectors present in the activities we promote, we are based on fundamental principles that derive from the integrity and honesty of the actions we develop. We aim to lead this sector in Spain and to be an international reference thanks to our ability to innovate and to provide service based on operational excellence.

We also work on the basis of creating a Regulatory Compliance area whose ultimate objective is to establish a culture of Compliance and Prevention within the Entity and the implementation of a Risk Prevention Programme

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Code of Conduct
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Política Obsequios y Regalos
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Transparency ethical channel

Ethical channel

The Conduct Code aims to establish the principles that should govern the activity of IFEMA MADRID employees and collaborators, and help consolidate a culture of the Institution based on respect, honesty, integrity, transparency and security. That is, it seeks to strengthen the values ​​assumed by our Institution, also serving to guide the behavior expected by all IFEMA MADRID members.

Ethical Channel Access