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  FITUR 2018 advances the contents of its Fiturtech Y section

Foto FITUR 2018 advances the contents of its Fiturtech Y section

This section, organised in collaboration with the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero –ITH, will host in Hall 10 of FITUR at Feria de Madrid four specialised forums on the management of business, destinations, sustainability and future trends in the tourism industry, with technology as the connecting thread

In addition, at techYhotel you will be able to learn about and interact with the latest innovations in hotel fit-outs

FITUR 2018 will be staged from 17 to 21 January at Feria de Madrid, organised by IFEMA

In the course of its 11-year history, Fiturtech has become the meeting point at FITUR for the most forward-looking tourism professionals. The section, organised in collaboration with the Instituo Tecnológico Hotelero -ITH- will again fill the agenda of tourism professionals at the upcoming staging of this major international event, which is due to be held at IFEMA from 17 to  21 January at Feria de Madrid.        

During the three days on which FITUR opens its doors exclusively for professionals – 17, 18 and 19 January – the FiturtechY space, located in Hall 10, will provide an opportunity to reflect, debate and learn about the innovations that are transforming the industry as well as those that are making strong headway and promise to change the way we conceive tourism.

By staging four simultaneous forums specialising in the fields of enterprise, destination management, sustainability and future trends, the Hotel Technology Institute is proposing a journey through a tourist’s dreams.

From the original stimulus that drives each tourist to travel to the expectations born of the idea of discovering a new destination, culminating in the construction of the trip itself, technology is guiding each step of this journey, allowing tourism companies and destinations to build a special and unique brand image that responds to each individual’s dreams.

Trips, like dreams, become unique and personal because that is the tourist’s expectation, and technology places within the reach of tourism companies and destinations the opportunity to know tourists as individuals, to adapt to their particular imaginings and expectations even before they dream of travelling. Ultimately, it is the unequalled opportunity to induce a dream.
• Business, Sustainability, Future and Destination
In this context, the four FiturtechY specialised forums will feature a perspective on the industry’s present and future, where the differentiation and specialisation facilitated by the use of technology gives us information on tourists to an unimaginable extent. This leads to adapting products, destinations or businesses to tourists’ unique expectations.
#techYbusiness: this forum will discuss the impact of new technological developments on the different tourism businesses, giving centre stage to topics such as the application of the Internet of Things (IoT), chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual assistants, etc.
#techYsustainability: will focus on the evolving concept of sustainability, reality and its application status in the industry as well as the need to evolve towards a tourism model that, while profitable, will not endanger the medium in which it takes place. In this quest, it takes as its reference the models, goals and sustainable development indicators promoted in recent years.
#techYfuture: will transport attendees to a new reality that is already being forged today and should not be overlooked: the development of blockchains, the coexistence of humans and machines, which are increasingly close to developing self-awareness; and the future, almost present, of virtual and space transport.
#techYdestination: will bring professionals into an environment in which architecture, means of transport and city life revolve around the expectations and needs of different tourist profiles who coexist in the same space, culturally and strategically enriching the prospects of local development and repositioning.

• techYhotel, the projection of a dream

As well as the opportunity of learning about and reflecting on the industry’s future, led by outstanding professionals from companies that are currently the spearhead of innovation in tourism, visitors to FiturtechY will be able to experiment in the techYhotel space with a suite of technological solutions for knowing your customers, connecting with them and personalising their experience in a setting that is arranged differently for each guest, thus adapting to each profile at any given moment.

techYhotel thus places at the heart of the 2,000 m2 of FiturtechY a space in which it will be possible to learn about and interact with the latest innovations in hotel fit-outs. A whole set of intelligent management systems integrating the tools that will enable a hotel to optimise internal processes and improve and personalise the customer’s experience. Interactive screens, lighting that adapts to the guest’s mood… a setting, in essence, that is almost alive, offering guests information and the ability to interact with the spaces at every moment of their stay.

About ITH
ITH is the hotel industry’s answer to the challenges posed by technological advances to the businesspeople of the tourism industry. With its thirteen-year history, this innovation centre affiliated to the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT) has the mission of promoting the use of new technologies and management systems that contribute to improving the competitiveness, profitability, quality, efficiency and sustainability of companies within the hotel and tourism industry.

FITUR 2018 will be the global meeting point for tourism professionals and will again become the leading trade fair for the inbound and outbound markets of Latin America. This year it has INDIA as its partner country, a world power and rising destination for business, trade and tourism that under the slogan of ‘Incredible India’ will enjoy an important international showcase at the Trade Fair for promoting the destination.
Together with FITURTECH Y, FITUR 2018 will feature its regular sections: Fitur Know-how & Export, organised by SEGITTUR in collaboration with ICEX and FITUR;  FITUR Shopping;   FITUR Health, together with Spaincares;  FITUR Gay (LGBT) organised in collaboration with Diversity Consulting International and, as a novelty, FITUR Festivals, in collaboration with Spain Live Music. In addition to this, it will stage Investour, the Tourism Investment and Business Forum for Africa, organised jointly by the UNWTO, Casa África and FITUR.

In the last edition 9,893 exhibiting companies from 165 countries/regions participated in FITUR; with a total of 135,838 trade visitors and 109,134 visitors from the general public.








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