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  ITH and SerranoBrothers present the "hotel room of the future" in FITURTECH 2013

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For the first time in FITUR, leading world companies like Microsoft, Toshiba, Bang&Olufsen, PayTouch, Roca, and Guardian Glass, among others, will participate in ITH Room Xperience, a showroom that will feature a hotel room prototype that will shake up customer experience and hotel management combining technology and space

Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH), in collaboration with international design studio SerranoBrothers, will demonstrate during next FITUR edition how current technology can radically change guest experience. ITH Room Xperience is a room prototype that can be reproduced in any hotel facilities, that combines the latest technology in a revolutionary space that meets the needs of both guests and hotel management.

Companies such as Microsoft, Toshiba, Bang & Olufsen, PayTouch, Roca, and Guardian Glass, among others, will demonstrate in ITH Room Xperience how technologies, software, apps, gadgets and avant-garde furniture could be integrated in a revolutionary futuristic design able to provide a connection-based convenient and interactive experience.

This showroom, the first of its kind to take place in FITUR, in the realization of You Are Not Alone program developed by ITH and SerranoBrothers, and based on the Third Generation Hotel model, that integrates all its business dimensions and areas, and is also socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable, as well as hyperefficient and hyperconnected, so clients could be able to make the most of each and any technological resources available. ITH Room Xperience defies the conventions associated to classic hotel rooms that we all know, because it puts into context the latest technology, designed to shake up guest experience and reconsider hotel management from connection and customer proximity point of view.

Located at Fiturtech stand (FITUR, pavilion 10B3) ITH Room Xperience will be open from Wednesday January 30th to Thursday February 1st. In addition, next Monday Juanuary 28th, the official ITH Room Xperience app will be available to be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play, and will include a complete catalogue as well as other interesting features.

Want to know the hotel of the future?

Meet ITH Room Xperience by SerranoBrothers in FITUR2013

ITH Room Xperience is not simply a hotel room, it is not a hotel product, it is not a tourist service. It's much more than that. ITH Room Xperience is an experience designed from the point of view of the enjoyment and comfort of the client (Well-being) as well as hotel management profit (Hotel GOP). Enjoy ITH Room Xperience preview in video and download the official app in iTunes and Google Play.



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