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  FITURTECH 2013 Will Show Professionals How to Adapt Their Products to Cater for the Needs of New Travellers

Foto FITURTECH 2013 Will Show Professionals How to Adapt Their Products to Cater for the Needs of New Travellers

The International Tourism Trade Fair, to be staged from 30th January to 3rd February 2013 in Madrid, will present the seventh staging of FITURTECH, in conjunction with the Hotel Technology Institute (ITH). Under the heading of The Next Travel Generation, this forum for innovation and technology applied to tourism will analyse new traveller needs and the challenges that the industry faces today.

Tourists today expect a unique experience, one that appeals to their emotions and to their senses. What is more, they are demanding, extremely well-connected and concerned about sustainability and the environment. In order to cater for the needs of these travellers, establishments must set themselves apart by offering a value-added dimension through innovation, technology and sustainability. Structured around three days of conferences, the forum will analyse the impact of the senses and emotions on tourist products, new horizons within the industry and the Third Generation Hotel, an optimised, efficient and better-connected model, one that boosts guests' experience.

On the first day, Wednesday 30th January, Ana Larrañaga, the Director of FITUR, and Joan Molas, President of CEHAT and the Hotel Technology Institute (ITH), will inaugurate FITURTECH 2013 and introduce a paper presented by the well-known chef at the Madrid Casino, Paco Roncero, whose restaurant has three Michelin stars. Roncero will talk about the guest's experience and the world of cuisine. Juan Molas, the President of CEHAT, will analyse how the hotel guest has changed, in conjunction with Kike Sarasola, the Chairman of Room Mate Hotels, Antonio Pérez Navarro, the Managing Director of Hospes Infinite Places, and Gema Vicedo, the Managing Director of The Leading Hotels of the World in Spain. To conclude, in the Al Paredón Section, both the participants in the forum and those following the papers on social media sites will be able to discover the opinion of Fernando Gallardo, the hotel journalist and critic for El País, as well as enjoying a number of anecdotes regarding the hotels he has visited for leisure and during the course of his work obligations.

Thursday 31st January will kick off with a paper on the tourism of the future. Ana Bru, the owner of Bru&Bru Barcelona and the first Spanish female tourist in space, together with Mariano López-Urdiales, CEO and Founder of Zero2Infinity, will offer their views about space tourism. The latest trends within the industry will then be subsequently analysed at a roundtable conference featuring the participation of the following figures: José Luis López de Ayala, Travel Sector Head at Google Spain; Juan P. Julia, the Chairman of Axel Hotels; and Abel Matutes, the Managing Director of the Fiesta Hotel Group. Sebastián Muriel, the Vice-Chairman for Institutional Relations at Tuenti, will respond to participants' questions and to the online community. During the same conference, the Instituto de Empresa will present a series of innovative projects for the tourist industry to the Business Angels Network.

The session that is due to take place on Friday 1st February will focus on hotel management and e-management. María Garaña, the President of Microsoft Ibérica, will explain the possibilities of cloud computing for a new generation of connected hotels, whilst Chema Alonso, from Informática64, will review various aspects relating to computer security and electronic business management, including its implications at a time of financial cut-backs.
In the Al Paredón Section, Luis M. García, the Head of Platform Strategy at Microsoft Ibérica, will resolve the public's doubts and queries relating to this matter.
A subsequent debate will feature the participation of Javier Blanco, Marketing Director at Paradores, Javier Matas, Chief Organization & Technology Officer at NH Hoteles, Francesc Pons, the Financial Director at Artiem Fresh People Hotels, and César Díez, the Managing Director of MICROS Fidelio in Spain, who will analyse the changes that the cloud has brought about within the realm of hotel management.

ITH Thechnical Xperience: The Connected Room

For the first time at FITUR, participants will be able to visit a prototype hotel room that combines the latest technological advances and a revolutionary design, presented by the firm of architects, Serrano Brothers. The ITH Thechnical Xperience will integrate latest-generation technologies, software, applications, gadgets and furnishings, based on a revolutionary and futuristic design, one that offers an experience based on connectivity, convenience, luxury and interactivity. The ITH Thechnical Xperiencereflects the Third Generation Hotel model, one that is socially responsible with regard to its environment and fully sustainable, in addition to being extremely well connected and super-efficient, effectively offering maximum added value to guests by making use of all of the technological resources available.




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