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23 January
27 January

International Tourism Trade Fair


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FiturtechY2018 | “How a dream is born” - The origin

Human beings are unique and unrepeatable, and they have their own dreams, dreams that they pursue and they want to come true. Some dream of travelling the world, others of brushing their fingertips through the clouds at the Kilimanjaro, others of taking a selfie from the stratosphere... Have you ever asked yourself about the origin of such dreams and why each one is different?

As a result of the different travellers' profiles and the exponential technological development, we now know the origin of those dreams and can get to know more about the travellers than they know of themselves, nearly entering their subconscious, so that we can offer them what they desire long before they have even imagined it.

 The new diverse reality is full of opportunities: DINKs, BoBos, PANKs, ecofriendly people, millennials, cosmopolitans, retros, gamers, wellness & fitness fashionists… Each trip, each service, each hotel room and each destination can be unique and personal and, to do this, tourism companies must be able to differentiate and specialise by creating dreams for each profile and even for each individual.

 AI, big and smart data, machine learning IoT, robotics, sustainability, virtual assistants, chatbots, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain technology, etc. are all fundamental pieces of a puzzle that has still be arranged and which will respond to millions of dreams that have yet to be created.