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The first edition of the meetings between exhibitors and international buyers will take place this year at MEAT ATTRACTION

As of today, we already have the confirmation of 40 buyers from different countries who will participate in this first edition of the MEAT ATTRACTION BUYERS MEETINGS, including the important delegation that will participate from two Far Eastern countries, Japan and South Korea, which have distinguished themselves in recent years due to their high growth rates in the import of meat products from Spain. These meetings will take place within the framework of the second edition of the Meat Sector Fair, MEAT ATTRACTION, organized by IFEMA together with ANICE, the National Meat Processing Industries Association of Spain, between the 18th and 20th of September 2018, in Hall 4 of Feria de Madrid.

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Other countries that will also be present at the BUYERS MEETINGS are Great Britain, Holland, Greece, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Mexico, Colombia, Egypt and the Arab Emirates.
The BUYERS MEETINGS provide exhibitors with the opportunity to meet with a selection of international buyers selected by ICEX through its Commercial Offices as well as private collaborators located in the target markets.
The BUYERS MEETINGS will take place during the first day of the fair, on Tuesday 18th September, consisting of 30-minute interviews between the buyers and those exhibitors who register for the event. The inscription will guarantee the exhibiting company a minimum of three interviews, which will be set according to the interests indicated by the invited buyers.
The meetings will be held in a specific space enabled by the Fair's organisers for this purpose, guaranteeing the privacy of these meetings.
Thus, the BUYERS MEETINGS offer exhibitors at MEAT ATTRACTION the chance to make contact with important buyers that, otherwise, would be difficult to reach. Likewise, buyers will also be able, in a short space of time, to get a general idea of the sector and / or sectors / companies they are interested in, in order, from there, to develop their contacts in those companies that they consider most interesting.
This model of meetings has become a successful commercial tool with significant participation, both by international buyers and Spanish meat companies and with a very positive effect both in terms of the sales and image of the Spanish product.
The exhibitors at MEAT ATTRACTION are currently receiving an invitation from the Fair to participate in the BUYERS MEETINGS in highly advantageous conditions.
In addition, the BUYERS MEETINGS at MEAT ATTRACTION 2018 have other relevant developments such as the enhancement of the buyers programme, through which IFEMA will invite a selection of buyers at the proposal of the exhibitors themselves; the holding of a day on the future of the distribution of meats and processed meat, and a complete programme of parallel activities that will be announced in the coming weeks.

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