Tango League Adidas

Tango League Adidas 2018

Tango League, the adidas motivational event, comes back to IFEMA MADRID

This is already the tenth edition of this urban soccer tournament organized by the sports brand. An experiential event that occupied Hall 2 of IFEMA MADRID on June 15th to present the new Energy mode boot package and motivate hundreds of young people to practice soccer. Product presentations gives way to great brand experiences: in this case the product is tested in a very real way: a sports tournament that is completed with interactive technology and an impactful urban atmosphere. Finally, it is an example of how a great event (in this case the World Cup) can give rise to many local events that bring closeness to the brand’s relationship to the sport: the winners could end up as stars in the World Cup

The origin of the event

It all started when adidas launched a platform to showcase and sell their different boot models. The platform took such dimension that they decided to create an event based on football tournaments that, in turn, allowed them to present their new products. The event thus became a perfectly experiential product launching platform, in addition to the fact that registration to the event had to be done on the web, bringing traffic to this strategic point of sale.


A tournament with perspectives

The target is people from 15 to 25 years, logically passionate about football. “Tournaments are played with 24 or 32 teams, and from these games, a champion is defined. Also a very important aspect is the MVP (most valued player) of the tournament, who will represent Spain in a tournament in Moscow coinciding with the World Cup; this allows him to travel and to live the adventure as if he were a professional soccer player during the tournament, including transfers and hotels”, say members of the organization of the event. 


Sports experiences with virtual reality

Technology complements the experience: a space with technology was introduced to present the new Energy mode boot package. “We have brought new software with a 90-inch screen, which has a mirror effect: through virtual reality, Marcelo appears and interacts with the player. For instance, the player hits the real ball to the goal, and Marcelo tells him how to aim better or improve the kick (he even laughs and encourages him). An interaction between real and virtual, which makes for a complete experience.


Production challenges

According to the organization, “we have worked for two days with 30 setup people, divided into audiovisual equipment, stands, platforms and pitches, including the mesh that covers the soccer field, etc. In addition, as a novelty, we have applied a technology for the first time in these events: laser beams. We play with this tool to generate special effects to a rear-projection screen. A Disguise media server allows us to manage all audiovisual content from the same system. At the beginning of the event, among other things, we played with the laser and a video, creating simultaneous effects between both (the laser was drawing the adidas logo on the screen, among other things). This required a perfect coordination between the laser and the image we got it with the Disguise system.


Aesthetics black

Soccer is a sport that has traditionally been practiced outdoors. On this occasion, adidas was looking for a very urban, underground style, with a lot of fluorescent light, which reminded metro stations... “That’s why it was very important to control the light; we need closed spaces. In this case, the IFEMA MADRID hall was perfect, since it is a closed and dark space that allows us to control the lights and design the effects based on the adidas guidelines”. Once again, the event offered a lifestyle experience: living the urban and technological in a space designed for it.


Communicating the event

The fans received information through the events calendar exhibited on the Tango League platform, and flocked to the event. According to the organization, “one of the conditions that we always look for in the space is that there is public transport nearby, it is indispensable, and IFEMA MADRID is very well connected both by metro, as a bus from the airport, and downtown.”