Salesforce, back in IFEMA MADRID for the third time, with a record attendance

On 17th of May, the customer management giant returned to celebrate its annual event in IFEMA MADRID. Agency Planta 18 began five years ago with this key tech event at the COAM venue in Madrid, bringing together 400 attendees. The event has grown, and is now held in IFEMA MADRID for the third time, managing a record attendance of 3,000 professionals in a day. "It is an event based on customer loyalty, which aims to capture new projects by our prospect clients that at our event Basecamp, we managed to convince, sharing success stories and offering a unique experience for networking, information and professional knowledge" says Mildred Laya Azuaje, Senior Marketing Manager of Salesforce in Spain and Portugal.

Partners and customers, key components of the event

Many practical cases are presented in this tech conference. The CEOs of client companies come to explain what Salesforce has contributed to them: Coca-Cola, Schneider, Transmediterránea, or Google whose CEO for Spain took the stage and gave a talk. “This event has three categories of partners: EMERALD (three partners, who have their own room), PLATINUM (nine partners, who share a room) and GOLD (24 partners, who have a shared room for them)”, says Jorge de Toro, general manager of Planta 18.

Everything in an event communicates

To ensure this necessary coherence, Salesforce has thought of its brand identity and experience in great detail, even specifying decoration materials and clothing. The idea is to offer a very natural setting: grassstyle carpet, columns decorated as if they were trees, a lot of wood in the decoration and a structure with sticks imitating a bonfire. This concept is also applied to the hostesses who are dressed with the corporate image: cap, checkered dress, imitating the aesthetics of a natural setting.


The challenge of registering 3,000 people

The company has an application that is used worldwide, and the local agency organizes access control with tablets and QR code, with a system that prints accreditation on site. How? “24 registration positions were set up, since in one hour we had to register at least 2,500 people, and the rest of the day was a constant trickle, to reach 3,000 in total,” says Jorge De Toro from Planta 18.


A demanding production

The entire event was set up in five days, in hall 14 of IFEMA MADRID. While the event generally bets on a very open format, for this edition the ‘Acustic World’ system was used to separate the environments: through headphones, attendees could listen to specific presentations or isolate themselves. Also, a totally enclosed space was set up for the plenary session, using soundproof curtains (which weigh a ton but isolate the sound very well). A challenge? The impossibility to test it before the setup: only on setup day you could experiment it.”


Learning while having fun

In order to help in networking, the event comprises a space with a chroma to take pictures, a hockey machine on the floor, a table football, mini golf and a dj (all day long a dj plays music, with glasses giving him a very American look. “We want attendees to live a Salesforce experience, we do not want people to hear speeches passively: we designed an experience for people to have fun while networking, and this happens through catering, animation, stilt walkers, the DJ (all day a dj click, with glasses disguised very American).


Tech spaces

The most important spaces of the event were • the ‘Keynote presentation room’, with more than 1,500 chairs, completed by a replica system in other rooms so that everyone could follow the talks • the ‘Salesforce Zone (Einstein + 5 Booths Product areas)’: upon entering the premises, the attendee found a company exhibition area, where technological solutions based on Einstein, the artificial intelligence solution of Salesforce, were proposed • two ‘Sectors rooms’, with wireless headphones (400 people followed, with those headphones, sessions in open rooms just separated from the rest with countryside-style fences) • the ‘Sala Developers’, also an open space, in which developers could take wireless headphones and share best practices and expertise.


Innovative experiential areas

  • Smart City, "the interconnected city". Here, through pieces of Lego, an interconnected city was designed using an app, with the idea of showcasing how Salesforce helps improve the lives of citizens and consumers.
  • Customer Showcase, or "the application implemented in a real store". This area simulated a real store in a space dedicated to the Salesforce solution, a way to experience in a very concrete way the contribution of the company to trade and customer service.
  • Area and program for children. The event featured the Coder Dojo area with animation, for a children’s audience. "We have a school and enable a space for children to become aware of the digital environment," says Planta 18.