IFEMA MADRID host of ECCMID, the reference congress on infectology

IFEMA MADRID continues to position itself as an international benchmark in the MICE and associative market thanks to prestigious congresses it hosts, such as ECCMID (European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) that held its 28th edition from April 21st to 24th of 2018 and was a great meeting of experts to treat infectious diseases and clinical microbiology.

The world’s leading experts

This is the most important meeting between experts and researchers on infectious diseases, infection control and clinical microbiology. It enables them to present and discuss the latest developments in this field of science. The event received 12,449 people from 130 countries in the North Convention Center and Pavilions 8, 9 and 10 of IFEMA MADRID.

Participants had the opportunity to learn about the latest research in different disciplines of infectology, as well as exchange knowledge and share opinions among government authorities, scientific societies, universities and the community. “The Program Committee designed a comprehensive scientific program with lectures, symposiums, oral and poster sessions, as well as educational formats in parallel tracks. This is an educational congress for people to meet with their peers, listen to the latest discoveries and discuss their work”, says Carla Seiler, ESCMID Scientific Program Coordinator.


Connect thousands of professionals through training and innovation

The congress featured more than 200 sessions, covering the entire field of infectious diseases and clinical microbiology, including 12 lectures, more than 100 symposiums and oral sessions, 20 educational workshops and 20 expert sessions. Notable lectures included a presentation by the Nobel Prize in immunology, Dr. Rolf M. Zinkernagel, and a conference on the Spanish flu pandemic on its 100th anniversary. In addition, the conference aimed to promote networking, complementing the scientific program with an exhibition of diagnostic and therapeutic products.


News in the design

Congresses evolve in their formats, in order to strengthen education and facilitate networking. “For the first time, we had an ‘ESCMID-Reading Corner’, a space where people could sit, read magazines and books and relax. It is a space that helps relax attendees after a day of lectures and symposiums. In addition, we had very good meeting rooms and an exhibition area with 197 stands. As for the exhibition area, we had a very strong Wi-Fi connection area in Hall 9 and we tried to make the design of certain formats more attractive, to encourage the participants to stay longer and encourage them to participate “


Management of presentations and content

The information and all the content that was generated during the congress are a value that is later managed. “Selected talks and all the presentations and posters (of the authors who authorized us to do so) will be available until August 2018 on the official website of the congress: We do not share presentations before the congress. Although the summaries were online 10 days before the congress”, says Carla Seiler.


Technology, a living tool that complements the congress

According to Seiler, “we always try to offer a congress that evolves with digital and technological trends. Therefore, we had an online registration, self-printing stations for badges and certificates, and we designed a photo booth with a green screen that allowed people to register according to their origin. In addition to a congress website and an application with all the information of the scientific program, classrooms, and itineraries of the congress”



According to Carla Seiler, “an advantage of the venue is in the ability to adapt to almost all designs. The walkway is also very pleasant and gives participants the opportunity to take a breath of fresh air as they walk from one session room to the other. Also the subway station in front of the south entrance was an important logistical advantage”. The organizers chose IFEMA MADRID for its capacity to host congresses of the dimensions of ECCMID, offering the possibility of holding 15 sessions of different subjects throughout the four days of the congress. In addition, Madrid is a very attractive destination with a rich history in art, architecture, culture and gastronomy. “We did not have time as organizers to enjoy this great city, but an event was designed outside the venue on April 22, which took place in the Old Convent of Boadilla del Monte and it was really beautiful. In addition, the attendees went on a one-hour tour of the city before to put them in context”, says Carla.