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28 February 2022

OVINOS MANCHEGOS, a reference in the sheep sector

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Ovinos Manchegos is a meat company of reference in the sheep world. Located in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real), and with a logistics delegation in Valencia, this company has been growing within the sector to consolidate itself as one of the most specialized companies in the production and commercialization of all types of sheep of the highest quality. Its secret lies in having managed to integrate in a unique way the whole process involved in the breeding and production of lamb meat, as well as belonging to one of the most important sheep fattening groups in Spain, Ganados Ovimancha.

For this purpose, they have modern and complete facilities, equipped with sheep and calf feedlocks that meet all the conditions for an optimal management of live cattle and that are guaranteed under the animal welfare certification. A slaughterhouse with a large slaughtering capacity, fast cooling areas, cutting room and vacuum packaging, cold storage and freezing warehouse.

Since its creation in 2001, the commercialization of lamb meat has been and continues to be the main driving force of this company, which currently slaughters an average of 10,000 lambs per week. From its central facilities they supply daily to more than 3,000 customers, who make up all levels of food distribution: large supermarkets, chains and supermarkets, Cash & Carry, wholesale customers, horeca channel and traditional butchers. But the La Mancha company's market is not limited to our borders. Internationally, they work regularly with countries such as Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.

For all this marketing and export process, the company has a large fleet of vehicles with the latest technology in refrigeration and freezing systems, thus ensuring that the product always arrives in ideal conditions for consumption. It is also backed by different certifications such as Welfair, IFS and Halal.

If there is a secret formula for success, it is undoubtedly the commitment of the people who are part of the company. Ovinos Manchegos is made up of a human team that combines qualification, professionalism and dedication, to detect and understand which solution suits each need, thus ensuring a perfect service in time and performance and, at the same time, promotes the development of rural areas, generating equal, stable and quality employment in the area. The most essential part of the whole process of raising and marketing quality lamb.

Meat Attraction is a great opportunity not only for Ovinos Manchegos to consolidate its market niches, but also to open and capture new markets abroad. Ovinos Manchegos is in the process of internationalization, opening new international routes and that is why, given the demands and requirements to meet these new markets, Ovinos Manchegos continues to improve and professionalize to reach them.

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