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04 February 2022

Treatise on baking with sourdough by Thomas Teffri-Chambelland

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The new book, signed by the director of the École Internationale de la Boulangerie, is an essential tool for the professional baker.

Thomas Teffri-Chambelland, director of the École Internationale de Boulangerie, is the author of A Treatise on Sourdough Baking, a new reference book for professional bakers, available in English or Spanish. 

In the first part, the volume provides the theoretical knowledge necessary to understand the phenomena of baking through different sections: the biology of flour, salt and water; the biology and analysis of sourdough; the structure, texture, flavor and nutritional qualities of sourdough bread; and cereals. 

The second part, devoted to practice, includes a technical description of the different stages of baking, as well as recipes for sourdough breads made with wheat and rye flours and gluten-free flours such as rice and buckwheat, pastry recipes (panettone, brioche, kugelhopf, gâche, etc.) and a section of appendices. In total, more than 30 recipes with illustrated step-by-step instructions.