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Spaniards prefer fresh baked bread

Innograin has carried out a public survey on different aspects related to the perception of consumers about bread and their consumption habits.

11 Jun 2021

62% of Spaniards buy bread mainly in bakeries, 25% in supermarkets and hypermarkets, 10% in grocery stores and 3% in other establishments. By age group, people between 36 and 50 years old buy more in bakeries, and the new generations, due to lack of time, concentrate their purchases more in supermarkets and hypermarkets. These are some of the conclusions of the survey that Innograin (a research group and blog on cereals, legumes and other grains) carried out between December 2020 and February 2021 about the perception of bread and consumption habits.

The bread usually consumed by respondents is fresh (85%), compared to sandwich loaf (8%) or dry (7%). And among fresh breads, prominent is the preference (56%) for those with greater hydration (ciabatta, rustic, etc.). Regarding size, 75% choose medium, 18% large and only 9% small.

Regarding the perception of special breads with some nutritional advantage, 38% of consumers admit that they never buy them. Among the most consumed breads of this type, those made with seeds and whole grains stand out, in both cases occasionally purchased by 32% of those surveyed. 

The report also states that 40% of households buy a baguette of bread a day on average, 17% two baguettes a day, 16% three or four baguettes a week and only 4% buy three or more baguettes a day. Data which reflects the growing number of people living alone and the decrease in the number of children in families.