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15 December 2021

Somengil Multiwasher, sustainable and efficient industrial washing machine

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This machine ensures the washing, disinfection and decarbonization of utensils used in bakery and pastry, without the need for pre-washing.

Visitors to InterSICOP 2022 will be able to discover MultiWasher, an ergonomic, high-performance industrial dishwasher developed by Somengil, ideal for increasing productivity in bakeries and pastry shops.

With a cabinet wash format, it guarantees the washing, sanitization and disinfection of all utensils used in the processing of food products. Moreover, it does not require pre-washing, which means a significant saving of resources (water, detergent, energy and labor).

Thanks to its washing flexibility, it can decarbonize all types of accessories, such as molds, trolleys and bowls, leaving them completely dry and ready to use.