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08 February 2022

Rogelfrut, passion for fruit

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The company will surprise with fruit purees and semi-finished products for pastry and ice cream.

For over 40 years, innovation and passion for quality have marked the history of one of the first Italian companies to process a complete range of frozen fruits and fruit purees. 

Rogelfrut has always been concerned with a responsible and conscious use of the raw materials provided by nature and, for this reason, relies on virtuous growers able to use environmentally friendly cultivation techniques. In this way, chefs, pastry chefs and ice cream makers will be able to better interpret all the aromatic richness of desserts and dishes in which fruit is the protagonist.

The company, which will be present at InterSICOP 2022, will surprise visitors with these novelties:

Fruit puree at room temperature, available in two flavors (mango and passion fruit) and suitable for different channels; 

- Cocoa fruit, a ready-to-use ice cream mix that allows you to taste cocoa pulp in the form of very fresh sorbet.

Apple filling, a semi-finished product perfect for enriching the core of cakes, cake bases, strudels, Venetian brioches with mixed fermentation processes whose passage in the oven allows the product to release all its aromatic characteristics, as well as guaranteeing replicability.