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24 February 2022

NEW- Robot integration in food production lines- INTERSICOP 2022

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Heavy or routine tasks for the Robot. Food industry Solutions - INTERSICOP 2022 -MADRID FOOD INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS 14 Feb 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the fragility of the food industry's production system, whose production depends largely on its operators.

The growth of organizations is intrinsically linked to the introduction of robots in their food production lines, palletizing or packaging processes thanks to GRIP- systems.

Robotics is part of our present and, of course, of our future is undeniable.

Advantages of the application of robotics in the industry:

Ease and speed when programming and configuring the robot 2.

2.            Optimization of production processes. Robots are able to improve the uniformity of production processes and reduce the waste of raw materials, one of the main objectives in the industry.

Very low margin of error.

4.            Flexibility to expand or reduce capacity according to demand.

5.            Consistent performance. They are ready to operate 24 hours a day, as well as to be easily reprogrammed according to the task and as often as needed.

Technology improves people's lives.

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