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Rietmann Iberica focuses on protein and low-carb breads

Its products are the result of permanent laboratory controls, as well as a high level of processing safety and solid quality management.

15 Dec 2021

Rietmann Iberica is a subsidiary of the German company Rietmann, which has 54 years of experience in the premix market. In addition, since 2006 it has specialized in the production of premixes for protein and low carb breads, thanks to an agreement with Dr. Detlef Pape.

At InterSICOP 2022, the company will focus on two product lines. On the one hand, the bread mix The Original Protein Bread and the Protein Soft mix that allows to make various formats, among others, a protein and low carb flatbread. And on the other hand, mixes for healthy gourmet breads such as Quinoette, DeliChia or Corn Bread

Rietmann will also invite the Bocado Fuctional Foods brand to the show to exhibit its entire line of protein and low-carb bakery products, packaged in atmosphere and with a shelf life of six months, preserving all their organoleptic qualities.