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Revolutionary freezing concept with Bravo Trittico Startronic Plus

This multifunctional machine incorporates the third-generation Ionic system patented by the brand.

15 Jan 2021

The Trittico Startonic Plus multifunctional machine from Bravo, an InterSICOP display, is ideal for those who want to offer their customers a healthy, balanced, smooth, creamy and stable ice cream.

As a featured highlight, it incorporates Bravo’s patented third-generation Ionic system. It is an invention that has revolutionised the concept of batch freezing by applying a physical-scientific parameter that detects, automatically and in real time, when the ice cream is dry and ready to extract. In addition, through its patented speed variator, this system allows you to increase the stirring speed in the initial phase to incorporate more air and then decrease it in the final batch freezing phase to avoid the ice cream spoiling.

With a specific program for small quantities, Trittico Startronic Plus can be used to make ice cream, sorbets, granita slushes and pastry creams.