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25 February 2021

Free registration is now open to join the extensive InterSICOP LIVEConnect professional programme

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Platform operational from the 1st to 28th March

  • Free registration here -with code IN210000003XV-, that provides access to the platform, the conferences and activities programme, and to networking with bakers, pastry chefs and ice-cream manufacturers throughout all Latin America.

Free registration is now open to become part of the largest community and professional network of the bakery, pastry and ice-cream sector, on the InterSICOP LIVEConnect platform, that will be operational from the 1st March 2021. Everyone can activate their registration for free here, by entering at the end of the process the Invitation Code IN210000003XV, to be able to access the platform and the entire programme of conferences and activities.

InterSICOP LIVEConnect is a new work instrument that can enrich and feed the professional contacts network for commercial teams by providing qualified leads around the world. It is a platform that allows you to contact, make videocalls, live chat, eB2B, with thousands of potential new clients. It is also the area to present and find out about the products, solutions, services and new items offered for 2021. In short, to generate thousands of impacts and brand awareness with the entire community of participants.

This platform also enables you to organise and attend numerous sessions, demonstrations, conferences, congresses and discussions by specific market themes and product categories. The conferences will begin with the COPAN Congress, co-organised with ASEMAC, that will then lead to the sessions focusing on Bread and Confections such as the proposals by CEOPPAN: Latin American bakery conferences “the post-Covid bakery”; Adaptation of the current training models to the needs of the sector; Innovation as the driving force of development for the sector; Good morning with bread, and The everyday bakery “Los Espigas”. There is also the conference Defects in Flour Quality: Detection with quick methods, organised by the Spanish Association of Flour and Semolina Manufacturers (AFHSE), and InterSICOP with women that aims to promote women in the baking sector, backed by the magazine Panorama Panadero.

The conferences on Pastry Making will focus on various themes: How to make the healthiest breakfasts; Professional Training for Confectioners, and Nutritional Profile in Confectionery, organised by CEEAP/CETECE; the MMAPES participants presentation and Training offers for confectionery schools with demo, proposed by CEEAP; Confectionery in packs, by Jhonatan González Ovalle- Pastelería Cabo Busto; Artisan bonbons, by Efímera Chocolates; The tea pastry. A recovered and updated product, organised by L'atelier Escola Pastisseria; Panettone. All the secrets to making the latest trending sweet in Spain, with EPGB, and the Pastry and confectionery Masterclass, offered by Vandemoortele.

As for Ice Cream making, InterSICOP LIVEConnect will host the sessions How to create an ice cream parlour that works, organised by Carlos Pelayo Arribas Romero; Ice Cream in the 20’s - where are we headed? proposed by Zealis Solutions, and Almond Ice Cream, by REAL ICE.          


In short, the platform will offer Masterclass Areas with specialists, professional technical consultancies, manufactures, forums and discussions, congresses and conferences, technical demonstrations, new products and trends, presentations and lectures organised by the participating companies themselves, and competitions, on Bakery, Confectionery, Ice Cream and tecSICOP, which will take place throughout the  month of March, with a theme from one of the categories for each week, interior decoration areas and premises management, functions of the new flours, new proposals from the ice cream sector, etc. All integrated into a single communication channel, updated to the new times, that will contribute towards the digitalisation of the sector.