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Ramón Cusiné Hill, for nutrition-conscious consumers

The raw materials supplier has products with high fiber and vegetable protein content in its portfolio.

15 Dec 2021

The supplier of raw materials for food and industrial use will present at InterSICOP 2022 the Backaldrin brand's Kornmix Premium cereal bread, which is a balanced blend of high-quality raw materials: rye and wheat flour, wheat and soy semolina, rye sourdough and flaxseed. Indicated for precooked lines and ideal for mechanized processing, it contains vitamin B, +6% fiber and +12% vegetable protein, so it is very popular among both cooking enthusiasts and nutrition-conscious consumers. 

Another highlight of Ramon Cusine Hill at InterSICOP will be Protein Bread, also from Backaldrin. A product for processed foods with a high protein and fiber content, suitable for vegans, and suitable for weight control and increasing sports performance. In terms of uses and applications, it can be combined sweet and salty, complemented with other raw materials or used 100% in any type of format.