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15 December 2021

Polin, controlled cooking and fermentation with less energy consumption

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The company will surprise InterSICOP attendees with machinery that guarantees high performance with maximum energy efficiency.

Polin will exhibit at InterSICOP 2022 machinery for professional bakers and confectioners. High-quality equipment such as Roto Avant HR and Frigocella Avant. 

Roto Avant HR is a trolley oven designed for high performance with maximum energy efficiency. This model controls and maintains the factors that determine the quality of the air in the chamber at optimum levels, guiding the flow of heat and steam over the product in a smooth and homogeneous way, from the first and most delicate baking phases. While Frigocella Avant represents the maximum evolution in terms of controlled fermentation with an aspiration ventilation system (Slow Motion Polin technology) that creates a smooth and enveloping air flow. Its energy consumption has been reduced by 40%, thanks to the design, the construction materials used and a unique heating system that uses the minimum amount of energy.