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12 May 2021

Namelaka is born, a Galician ice cream brand for the HoReCa sector

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Its creator, Rubén Fernández, breaks down the barriers between sweet and salty to create innovative flavours for hotels, restaurants, and catering.

Rubén Fernández, who participated in the last edition of the Spanish Ice Cream Championship, has created Namelaka, a new Galician ice cream brand specially designed for restaurants, hotels and catering, since "we create innovative flavours for those who want to make a difference to the Horeca channel, "he says.

Its purpose, as he claims, is “to break all your beliefs about what an ice cream is or should be like. We will revolutionize the rules, and we will question the conventional wisdom by maintaining and understanding the roots, tradition and history to turn it into evolution. We will break down the barriers between sweet and salty by playing with the organoleptic profiles of each element, taking them further; researching, innovating and developing". 

Based on his career and his innovative spirit, Fernández brings together the best of the sweet and savoury world in Namelaka and offers everything from traditional flavours with the most innovative techniques to transgressive tastes that show that there is nothing written in stone in an ice cream parlour.