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15 January 2021

Moulin du Courneau red label flours

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This company offers high quality products that allow bakers to stand out from the competition.

Moulin du Courneau, an exhibitor at InterSICOP, is committed to excellence. It only works with cereals from French territory, mainly from Charente and Gers, which have been cultivated with the utmost respect for biodiversity.

In its catalogue of different types of flours, we find two with a red label, a distinctive sign granted by the French Ministry of Agriculture to superior quality food products. Made from 100% CRC certified wheat, Bagatelle Label Rouge T65 contains no additives, soy flour or beans. It is suitable for all types of baking and especially for making traditional French bread. Meanwhile, Bagatelle Label Rouge T45 is designed for making authentic French viennoiserie pastries. Due to the quality of its kernel proteins, it is ideal for products based on yeast or puff pastry.