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02 February 2021

More attractive display cases from MEC3

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With the La Gelatisserie range, the company gives ice cream chefs the opportunity to improve their display cases.

MEC3, an exhibitor at InterSICOP, has designed the La Gelatisserie range to offer ice cream chefs and pastry chefs the possibility of easily creating an irresistible and attractive display case, always different, with a wide range of negative and positive temperature specialities. It is a full line of products that includes bases with different applications, modern icings, fillings for cold or baked desserts, chocolates and flowers for decorations.

Among the new features we find different types of glazes, from Glitter Glaze in three tones (green, red and gold), which transforms pastry pieces into works of art, to various Mirror models (Mirror Mango, Mirror White and Mirror Miss Purple).

Also worth noting are Crema Gianduja Magic, which is soft and spreadable; the versatile biscuit pieces of Instacrumbles in three flavours (butter, cocoa and caramel); the fun 3D fruits of Fruttolotti; the practical Barattolotti jars with endless combinations of flavours; Tartelline, which are shortcrust baskets with a creamy and customisable heart, and Dripping Cake, a multi-layered sponge cake with a whole range of decorations.