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21 February 2022

Marcos Díaz and Hans Ovando proclaim themselves MMAPE 2022

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Both pastry chefs have surpassed the 80% mark in their scores, the only requirement to achieve this title, which has been awarded within the framework of InterSICOP.

Marcos Díaz and Hans Ovando are proclaimed Best Master Artisan Pastry Chefs of Spain (MMAPE) 2022, in a new edition of this competition held on 19 and 20 February within the framework of InterSICOP at IFEMA MADRID. The top-ranking championship in its category thus incorporates two new top representatives in a new stage that already began in 2019 when the competition was declared deserted.

Hans Alexis Ovando, of Chilean origin and head of the Be Chef Pastry School in Barcelona, and Marcos Diaz Jiménez, from Pasteleria Rossana in Calafell (Tarragona) have been proclaimed winners of the MMAPE after two days of competition and the preparation of a buffet made up of a travel cake, chocolate, and fruit cake, a fried or baked rosquilla  (ring-shaped pastry), a cut and mould bonbon and a chocolate, sugar or mixed artistic piece.

Hans Ovando's work, with wood as the theme, stood out for its creativity in shapes and flavours and for the perfection of all the details. Marcos Díaz, for his part, chose music as the theme for a spectacular work of presentation and with a delicate combination of flavours in all his pieces. Both have surpassed the 80% mark in their respective scores, the only requirement for this title.

The Spanish Confederation of Artisan Confectionery Entrepreneurs (CEEAP) has also decided to award a special prize for each of the championship rounds. Thus, Hans Ovando won the prizes for the best travel cake, the best chocolate cake and the best buffet; Marcos Díaz received the prize for the Best Artistic Piece; Toni Rodríguez won the prize for the best chocolates, and Angelica Locantore received the prize for the best traditional speciality, which in this case was the rosquilla. The other participants in this edition were José Alba, Mariona Fidalgo, Julio Morón and Alberto Izquierdo.

The MMAPE had an exceptional jury, chaired by Carles Mampel and made up of Eric Ortuño, Manu Jara, Toni Viñas, Javier Guillén and Oriol Balaguer, and the curators Fátima Gismero, Ester Roelas, Saray Ruiz, Cristina Puig, Luclia Canero, Cristina García, Mónica Marco and Esther Aibar. The organisation was sponsored by the companies Salva, Sosa, Remai, Valrhona, Ponthier, Corman, Norohy, FBM, Bragard, Cart Service, Elle & Vire and Tedhinox.