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The keys to the renovation of L'Obrador by Oriol Rossell

INDAStudio has created a space inspired by the American bakeries of San Francisco, adding a new quick tasting service outside and inside, and emphasizing 'take away' sales.

15 Dec 2021

Isa Rodríguez, Creative Director de INDAStudio

Photos: Mercè Gost

INDAStudio is a Barcelona-based studio specializing in interior design, mainly for bars, restaurants, hotels and commercial establishments.

It was founded in 2012 by interior designer Isa Rodríguez, a specialist in Horeca design and author of the design of the first store-showroom for the prestigious Freixenet cava brand, a project that was awarded a Bronze Laus by the ADG FAD in 2015. Likewise, he was also in charge of the new design of the Segura Viudas Winery, awarded as one of the best projects of Archilovers 2020. One of the most characteristic features of his work is to create a functional design, which at the same time connects with the public and contributes to the well-being of people and the success of a business.

This studio is responsible for the integral reform of L'Obrador de Oriol Rossell, which has given a new dynamism to the daily sales of the establishment with an image inspired by the bakeries of San Francisco. 

1.- Is interior design a fundamental element in a bakery? Can it be a hook to attract new customers?

Yes, interior design is fundamental, although not obligatory, both in a bakery and in any other type of business. Investing in a good design is investing in the overall performance and economic benefit of our establishment.

Obviously, people are attracted by beautiful things, by an attractive design. Through interior design we can speak our own language and transmit what we want to express about the philosophy and values of our company to our customers, in a subtle or more direct way. So, undoubtedly, our space becomes a vehicle of expression and communication to the outside world. If we design it with coherence and clear intentionality, and we know how to expose our product to make it more appealing, tasty and eye-catching, it can serve as a hook to attract new customers and retain old ones.

It is also important that our bakery looks updated and well designed, as it will transmit, among other things, a greater sense of confidence to consumers regarding our level of professionalism. It will also give us a differential value with respect to the competition, a brand identity of our own and will allow us to create a pleasant atmosphere that will enrich the final experience of our customers. 

2.- What are the keys for the design of a store to work?

To begin with, the store must be functional and practical, as well as aesthetically appealing.

It is essential that the interior design work resolves, a priori, all aspects of the operation of our bakery, so that the service and the product we offer to customers are carried out in a memorable way.

Then, that the design excites and transmits positive sensations to consumers through an overall aesthetic coherence, which includes all parts of our business: from the design and decoration of the premises to the uniform of the employees, the sign at the entrance, the menu, or the way we display the products. 

If our customer can remember the name of our brand, its shape and design, we will have achieved a great step forward. If, in addition, they can associate the brand with values that remind them of the good product we offer, the satisfaction and the positive experience of consuming it, we will have a loyal customer.

In terms of design, it is worth highlighting the fundamental role played by lighting, the combination of materials and furniture or displays. A well-lit space, with the appropriate light intensity and in combination with the right materials and furniture, will allow our product to stand out and look appealing and tasty. In addition to providing a cozy and pleasant space for the consumer to enjoy that satisfactory experience.

The important thing is that our customer remembers our brand and design of the premises to be able to repeat, recommend our bakery to other friends or enjoy remembering the experience.

3.- What are the current trends in the design of pastry establishments? Luxury? Functionality? Modern, rustic, urban?

The truth is that there is no established design trend, but it is more related to the type of product and the image we want to offer. While it is true that pastry products used to be associated with a classic and luxurious French aesthetic, nowadays we can find a wide variety of styles. 

Nowadays, establishments with an eclectic decoration predominate, a style that results from mixing different styles, taking great care that everything combines so that the result is elegant and full of personality, without becoming incoherent or overloaded. However, the aesthetic trend in pastry shops seems to be back to the design of spaces with a classic and luxurious touch.

In any case, we must put the interior design at the service of the product we want to offer and the type of atmosphere or environment we want to create. It is not the same to design a pastry shop that offers a more select type of product as another that offers a more artisanal or local product. 

It is also necessary to take into account the type of service we want to offer when designing, whether we will conceive a sales space with tasting and consumption in the establishment itself, or a space where the product is simply sold or 'take away'.

Success story: L’Obrador Oriol Rossell

The renovation consisted of redesigning the old pastry shop in Vendrell, which functioned only as a point of sale, along with the entire interior preparation area.  The idea was to create a space inspired by the American bakeries of San Francisco, adding a new quick tasting service outside and inside, and emphasizing the 'take away' sale to print more dynamism and speed to the service.

The idea was also to open the interior and create a kind of showcooking that would visually connect with the bakery, to share the preparation process with the consumer, as well as show the warehouse, the products they use, the bags of chocolate, the oil, etc.

It was a comprehensive reform in which all the previous distribution of the store was modified, as well as the accesses and entrance doors to generate a new circulation of both staff and customers. New toilets were installed to be able to offer the tasting service inside and on the terrace, the bakery or preparation area was opened to the outside to better show their products, the way they work and even serve customers through the new cafeteria service. 

A more modern and uptaded image

Oriol Rossell and María Vidal chose our studio on the recommendation of a former client who we helped with the design and renovation of their premises, a small bar-restaurant on the Costa Brava. They were acquaintances and recommended our services to him.

He contacted us in 2018 to create the new interior design and integral reform of his old pastry shop located in El Vendrell, Tarragona, along with the space for the elaboration and preparation of products.

Oriol and Maria wanted to create a new, much more modern and updated image and transmit it through the interior design and the new operation of their premises. They entrusted us with the project and the task of conceiving a new aesthetic for their store, backroom, façade and terrace. We developed all the phases of the project in terms of interior architecture, definition of the new aesthetic image and conceptualization of the new space, technical plans, bidding procedures, building permits, as well as modification of the activity license and supervision of works.

Five months of work

The entire project took approximately 5 months of work, from the conception of the idea to the final execution. The complete work was carried out in approximately two months to refurbish a space of about 100 m2. 

The bakery had already been in operation for many years and, while we developed our interior design project, they could keep the bakery open and maintain the pace of sales. The objective was to have the design well defined and then carry out the work in the shortest possible time. Since it was an operating business, it was essential that it could be executed as soon as possible and have the least possible impact on their income.

Inspiration: San Francisco bakeries

Oriol and Maria were very clear from the beginning of the project that they wanted to create a space inspired by the bakeries of San Francisco, California. A place with an industrial style that would emphasize the look of the traditional bakery, and that would emphasize the return to the origins of the bakery to bring the local product closer to the consumer. The idea of applying this industrial style was also to highlight the concept of constant work and activity. All this combined with an elegant and modern touch to suit the service and sale of the pastry product.

The important part of the project was to open the new store space to the street, to connect it both visually and physically, so we created a solemn counter that communicates with the outside through a window for cafeteria and tasting service. The new location of the displays and the counter allows all the product to be seen from the street and is a lure to enter and consume.

Industrial style with touches of classic aesthetics

To conceive the new space we were inspired by the industrial style combined with touches of classic aesthetics, both in the furniture and in part of the wall and floor coverings. 

To do this, we emptied the entire space leaving its structure in sight. We wanted to accentuate that industrial air by highlighting the original forged beams and vaults, recovering the iron pillars and creating a whole installation of air conditioning and lighting system.

We used mainly noble materials to create that productive atmosphere, such as black iron in the exterior carpentry and lighting details, natural solid wood both in floors and in furniture and interior carpentry, sheet metal in air ducts and equipment and machinery elements. 

As for the coatings and colors, the idea was to create a luminous space that, in addition to transmitting that industrial air, breathed a more elegant atmosphere. So we resorted to glossy white rectangular tile to cover the walls, giving it a touch of distinction with black embossed trim. This same tile covering also enters the interior of the showcooking to create a visual continuity of materials, in addition to homogenizing the aesthetics. We also used a type of black and white ceramic mosaic tile flooring to highlight the imposing wood and white marble counter and enhance its importance and the display of the products within the space.

All the display elements and showcases were worked in light colors and white to highlight the products. It is worth mentioning the back piece of the counter that was designed in light wood, with a more classic air, to break with the general industrial atmosphere. A piece made to measure to show and enhance one of its star products, which are the savory cakes, as a library or large mural with specially inclined shelves. This element is repeated, to a lesser extent, in the area of freezers and refrigerators in front of the counter to continue with the same concept of library.

As a final point, we worked very well all the new lighting system, to highlight perfectly all the products and make them the main protagonists of the new bakery. For this we used more technical lighting from spotlights or adjustable projectors suspended from the ceiling and combined with decorative brass lamps above the counter and inside the showcooking space. With all these details and other decorative elements such as plants, caramel-colored glass in the doors, wooden details, among others, we were able to create a perfect atmosphere, an industrial style but cozy and warm.