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The keys to the reformation of the Monplá bakery by Steel-Inox

To change the customer service model, the company from Valencia has completely revamped the image of this business run by Salvador Pla.

09 Mar 2020

Steel-Inox's team

Steel-Inox is a company from Valencia that manufactures and installs premium quality equipment for bakeries, cake shops and ice cream parlours. It is committed to innovation and provides a comprehensive and personalised follow-up service in every project, from blueprint to the machinery commissioning.

Since 1991, numerous businesses have entrusted their interior design requirements to Steel-Inox. One of these is Monplá, a bakery run by Salvador Pla Petit, who was named World Confectioner of the Year 2018 by the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners and provided bakery demonstrations at InterSICOP 2019.

To get full the details of this renovation and discover the latest trends in cake shop and bakery interior design, we spoke to Juan José Mirto, a member of the sales team at Steel-Inox.

1.- Is interior design an important aspect of cake shops and bakeries?

Yes, of course, as the saying goes, “the eye eats before the mouth tastes”, in other words, even if a product is of very high quality, if the premises is unattractive and the atmosphere is not welcoming, we won’t be tempted inside.

If a store is well decorated, it transmits well-being and comfort, and encourages you to shop and enjoy the experience.

2.- What are the secrets to making a premises design work?

When designing a business, whatever its style, it must be functional for employees and customers alike.

Furniture, lighting (natural or artificial) should be arranged to create a corporate image that clearly distinguishes you from other competitors and the use of easy-maintenance materials are some of the main secrets to designing business premises.

3.- Can an attractive decor bring in new customers?

Of course, a well-designed premise entices you in and not only to make a simple purchase, but to enjoy the experience.

One fact that confirms that decoration is a very important tool is that most of our clients assure us that they have noticed an increase in their turnover since they upgraded and changed the image of their businesses.

4.- What are the current trends in cake shop and bakery design? Luxury? Functionality? Modern, rustic, urban premises?​

In this new decade, the most popular decorative trend is the mid-century style, inspired by mid-twentieth century designs marked by functional, elegant furniture with simple lines.

The lighting suitable for this style features metal and glass lamps in gold, black and copper tones.

In terms of raw materials, more and more environmentally sustainable materials are being integrated.

Success story: Monplá

Salvador Pla contacted our sales department in mid-January 2019.

We invited him to visit us at our stand at the InterSICOP fair where he was able to see the design, quality and finishes of our products for himself.

There were several reasons for revamping his premises with Steel-Inox, and one of them was that he liked the decorative scheme suggested by our design department. A different approach to everything he had been shown before. Another reason was that we are manufacturers and we have our own technical service, which means that we are totally familiar with the product and can offer the best after-sales service.

Idea, design and execution in three months

It took approximately three months from the first meetings to the execution and completion of the work.

We had several meetings with Salvador Pla during that time. At the first meeting he told us what he needed and how he works, all very important at first, since this information is used to design an ideal layout for the client’s plant.

Once the layout had been defined, we made 3D views of exactly how the premises would look with all kinds of materials.

After confirming that this was what Salvador Pla wanted to communicate in his business, the budgets and plans for furniture manufacturing and construction work were prepared.

Throughout this time, all the professionals involved in the project were monitored, and we made all the necessary site visits.

Objective: to change the way of serving the costumer

Salvador Pla wanted a more modern place, with more space where people could move about and look at the product more easily, and above all one that could be seen better from the street and entice people inside.

To achieve this, we eliminated the storefront, created two entrances to the premises and changed the layout, placing the cake shop in the area closest to the entrance with a wall display where customers might be served without being behind a counter.

Materials, colours and decoration

We based the scheme on a shade of off-white to give light, breadth and a feeling of well-being, combined with the pine that brings warmth to the environment.

The worktops were made with Pulsar Silestone in white, grey and oxide veins, for the legs of the neutral counter a structure was created using interlaced copper tubes to provide stability and a different appearance.

The furniture in the sales area is composed of:

  • Neutral counter with urn-type glass.
  • Chilled display case for savoury products.
  • Cash desk integrated in the counter.
  • Cafeteria service unit.
  • Chilled wall display for chocolates and cakes.

At the rear, a piece of furniture was designed comprising a metal shelf with integrated LED lighting to display all kinds of craft breads with a white lacquered refrigerated table integrated into the furniture. The back of this piece of furniture was made in white rectangular tile.