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04 February 2022

José Manuel Miquel, new member of 20 Bajo Cero

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From a family of ice cream tradition, this chef will bring dynamism and many ideas to this collective that was presented at InterSICOP 2019.

The 20 Bajo Cero collective, which was presented at InterSICOP 2019 and brings together some of the most outstanding ice cream makers in Spain, has a new member: José Manuel Miquel Bravo. A professional who "can bring a lot of dynamism to the group. From the first day he has been giving very good ideas that we all welcome with open arms," says Mario Masiá, one of the founders of the organization.

From a family of ice cream tradition, he studied Administration and Finance, but soon discovered that his vocation is the world of ice cream. After studying the University Expert Course in Artisan Ice Cream Production, he continued his training in creative ice cream, desserts for restaurants, chocolates..., which allowed him to work as an ice cream consultant in the hotel and catering industry. He is currently a teacher of the Expert Course, a member of Anhcea, and manager and chef of the Helados Miquel-Xixohelat group, a third-generation family business.