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01 February 2021

Ireks Ibérica gets into veganism

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Their new Vegan Cake pastry mix is perfect for making vegan cakes and pastries.

There are many people around the world every day who are getting into veganism, a lifestyle that rejects the consumption of food and articles of animal origin. In line with this growing trend, Ireks Ibérica, an exhibitor at InterSICOP, presents Vegan Cake Mix, a new 100% pastry mix for cakes and pastries with a natural Bourbon vanilla aroma.

Palm oil-free and without any egg products or dairy components, it is ideal for making a wide selection of high-quality vegan pastries (plumcakes, cookies, waffles, muffins, tarts, etc.) in combination with its vegan range of aromas, 33 Dreidoppel. It is also suitable for preparing fillings, as it can be mixed with pieces of fruit, raisins or chocolate chips while its consistency remains optimal.