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InterSICOP 2022, the stage for major national championships

The show will once again host the Spanish pastry, bakery and ice cream championships and the student pastry competition.

16 Dec 2021

Once again, InterSICOP in 2022 (February 19-22) will be the stage for four major national competitions: the MMAPE, the quintessential Spanish pastry competition; the 4th Spanish Ice Cream Championship; the 3rd National Pastry Students' Championship and the 4th Artisan Bakery Championship. 

Ten candidates will participate in the MMAPE 2022, which includes two important novelties in this edition. On the one hand, the compulsory theme is eliminated. On the other hand, the cream millefeuille has been replaced by a traditional Spanish pastry specialty such as the fried or baked doughnut, on which updated versions can be presented, although respecting the characteristic format with hole included. Since the previous call, which was deserted, only those participants who reach 80% or more of the total points at stake will win the title. These are the contenders: Alberto Izquierdo (Madrid), Alexis García (100% Pan-Pastelería, Santa Cruz de Tenerife), Angelica Locantore (Panem, Madrid), Hans Ovando (Be Chef Pastry School, Barcelona), José Alba Martínez (La Curra, Torrent, Valencia), Julio López (Pastelería Mindanao, Madrid), Julio Morón Rivera (Hotel Casa Palacio Maria Luisa. Jerez de la Frontera - Cádiz), Marcos Díaz Jiménez (Pastisseria Rossana, Calafell, Tarragona), Mariona Fidalgo (Aula de Formación Jordi Bordas, Viladecans, Barcelona) and Toni Rodríguez (Toni Rodríguez Academy, Barcelona).

In the Spanish Ice Cream Championship, created by ANHCEA, six professionals will measure their strengths: Albert Roca (Sant Croi Gelats, Gavà, Barcelona), Juan Carlos García Carrera (La Fábrica de Farry, Mercadal, Balearic Islands), Iván Vázquez (Le LLamber Manín Sucre, Cangas del Narcea, Asturias), Hernán Rodríguez (Töto Ice Cream, Madrid), Inés Arias (Obrador Inés Arias, Málaga) and Daniel Pérez (El Asturiano, Luarca, Asturias). Each of them will have to make three equal tubs with flavors of free choice, which will also be assessed from the point of view of their behavior in the display case; seven frozen cups and a facsimile; two equal frozen cakes; a surprise ice cream, and a final buffet.

In the third edition of the National Student Pastry Championship, the candidates will have a total of 8 hours to prepare from scratch two cakes, nine mille-feuille (with puff pastry base and two fillings), and two chocolate cakes (with a minimum of three different components). Ten schools will participate: ITEPPA (Asturias), CPIFP Hurtado de Mendoza (Granada), IES Andrés de Vandelvira AB (Albacete), EFA A. Cancela (Pontevedra), Gremio Mestres Sucrers Valencia (Valencia), Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo Simone Ortega Móstoles (Madrid), IES Josep Sureda i Blanes (Mallorca), CETECE (Palencia), Escuela Hostelería y Turismo de Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) and Estudios Superiores Abiertos Hostelería (Zaragoza).

The Artisan Bakery Championship, organized by CEOPPAN, also has its list of provisional candidates: Antonio García (Castellón), Adrián Muñoz (Valencia), Gerard Gil (Barcelona), Gustavo Orts (Alicante), Samuel Suárez (Asturias), Raquel López Van Beek (Alicante), Luis López Van Beek (Alicante), José Antonio Cerpa (Cádiz) and Diego Marín (Vigo). Professionals who will have to perform three tests: bread, pastries and artistic piece.

As a novelty, InterSICOP 2022 will also be the scene of an ice cream competition organized by Anhcea, which will select the team that will represent Spain in the Gelato European Cup in 2023, elimination round of the European teams that will participate in the 10th World Cup of Ice Cream 2024.