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08 February 2022

Integral management of bakeries and pastry shops with Dir Informática

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The company helps the company, the stores and the commercials in the day to day management.

DIR Informática develops IT solutions exclusively for the Bakery, Pastry, and related industries, with the aim of streamlining and improving their daily management.

At InterSICOP 2022, it will show different solutions that adapt to each type of business:

- masterpan® ERP suite

Manages the entire company (office, stores, bakery, warehouse, delivery, accounting, etc.).

- masterpan ® POS

Manages and controls the stores.

- ERP touch terminal

Manages the traceability from the workshop in an easy and fast way.

Daily production, packaging and labeling, consumption of raw materials, management of warehouse of warehouse movements, batches and expiration dates, label printing, delivery preparation, etc.

- masterpan® AUTOVENTA

Delivery and sales support system.

- masterpan® APP control -panel

Control the sales of the business anywhere and anytime from the cell phone. Compare current sales with those of previous days, months, years, etc.

- masterpan® APP my-order

Customers manage their own orders from their mobile. 

- masterpan® ERP cloud

The masterpan® ERP server in the cloud.