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Insect milk ice cream, a very healthy dairy alternative

Leah Bessa, owner of Gourmet Grubb and professional featured on the 50 Next 2021 list, is a clear advocate of this trend.

15 Dec 2021

Leah Bessa, who has been highlighted in the 50 Next 2021 list as one of the young people shaping the future of gastronomy, proves every day at Gourmet Grubb (Cape Town, South Africa) that gourmet ice cream can be created from insect milk. 

After graduating in Food Science at the University of Stellenbosch, where he worked with insects in the Animal Science department, he came up with the idea of opening the Gourmet Grubb ice cream parlor together with Jean Louwrens and Llewelyn de Beer in 2017. And that's because Bessa advocates that using insects as a food source has clear benefits. Specifically, the insect milk she uses in this establishment, called Entomilk, contains no sugars or carbohydrates, and "is an exceptionally healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly dairy alternative that is extracted from the Hermetia illucens, known as the black soldier fly," she says.