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22 June 2020

Ice cream parlours opt for home delivery in 2020

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Due to the coronavirus crisis, many establishments in the ice cream sector have begun home deliver to reach more consumers.

This year, due to the coronavirus crisis, many ice cream parlours have decided to reinvent themselves, opt for digitisation and start delivering to homes in order to reach more consumers. And the reality is that this service is working so well in this period, in which we are spending much more time at home due to the health crisis, that many professionals believe it is here to stay and that it will add to sales once the lockdown is over. 

The strong commitment of the sector to home delivery is reflected in the data provided by the Glovo order delivery platform. The app has established more than 30 alliances this season with top establishments and small businesses to deliver ice cream to homes. 

To date, Glovo has now distributed almost 4,000 orders in 13 cities. Madrid, with ice cream parlors such as La Romana, and Barcelona, with Parallelo Gelato, are in the top positions. They are closely followed by Vacanze Romane in Santander and Helados y Turrones Soler in Valencia. Other prominent brands are Helada Madrina in Vigo and Loco Polo in Seville. As a point of interest, the bakeries and patisseries chain Santagloria, in Barcelona city, has delivered the most ice creams this spring in all of Spain, more than 1,300.