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IBK Tropic helps ice cream makers to stand out from the competitors

The company introduces novel packaging, inclusions, and decorations to add value to ice cream.

30 Nov 2021

IBK Tropik ingredients are always an inspiration for chefs who want to stand out from the competitors. At InterSICOP 2022, the company will showcase a wide range of innovative containers made of different materials for serving ice cream, suitable for both artisan and industrial ice cream makers. The range includes everything from natural cocoa, coconut, pineapple, and lemon shells to muffin cups made from muffin batter and ready to fill with ice cream, which are a fun alternative to cones and tubs.

IBK will also be featuring inclusions and decorations, some vegan and gluten-free, to add texture, colour, flavour contrast and showiness to products, as well as added value and differentiation. Cake cubes, biscuit pieces, candies, chocolate, fruit, sugar, and nuts will be on display at the stand.