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How to set up an ice cream parlour that works, by Carlos Arribas

The masterclass by the Basque ice cream maker is available again on the LIVE Connect platform.

26 Nov 2021

As an expert in providing advice on starting up artisanal ice cream parlours in Spain, Carlos Arribas gave the master class “How to create an ice cream parlour that works” on 9 March as part of InterSICOP LIVE Connect.

In this session, the Basque ice cream maker spoke about things to consider to get the most out of an establishment of this type, such as the location, the design of the premises and the selection of machinery, suppliers and personnel.

Arribas has dedicated a large part of his career to researching ingredients and artisanal processes in the production of ice cream. In 2012, after 22 years running his own business in Zarautz in the Basque Country, he decided to expand his activity into consulting and training, helping many colleagues to open new points of sale.

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