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Home baking continues on an upward trend in 2021

The University School of Commerce and Distribution (ESCODI) has carried out a survey on consumer habits in times of pandemic among people between 18 and 45 years of age.

11 Jun 2021

Escodi, the University School of Commerce and Distribution, has carried out a second survey on consumption habits in times of pandemic among people between 18 and 45 years of age, a year after its first study carried out during strict lockdown. The results show further consolidation of habits already detected in April 2020. The most noteworthy are related to food. And it is that 61% (+8%) of consumers say they cook more and home baking is an activity that has grown by 10% in one year to reach 45%.

Other trends revealed by this study are the preference for inexpensive products which can be bought nearby, the increase in awareness around responsible consumption - up to 71% of those surveyed say they want to be more environmentally-friendly - the continuation of online shopping even when the health crisis is controlled and a certain rejection of the low cost model despite the current economic difficulties. In addition, the use of the Internet, television and digital platforms has increased, while activities such as going to the hairdresser and to personal care services continues to decline.