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08 February 2022

Harinera Riojana: flours for the most demanding breads

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Since 1988 producing flours for all needs.

Harinera Riojana was founded in 1988 by a group of flour experts in an old flour factory in Nájera, La Rioja. Since then, it has been characterized by manufacturing practically tailor-made flours with an extensive catalog for the most diverse needs. Two of the flour lines that will have the most prominence at InterSICOP 2022 are Premium and Thermofarine. 

The Premium category includes high-strength flour, berona, malpica, florencia aurora, berona super and Gran Rioja. Designed for the most demanding breads, they are characterized by their high-water absorption and good response to long kneading and fermentation processes.

The Thermofarine category is made up of flours ideal for special processing processes such as fried doughs and everything that requires a crunchy product, such as churros.